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Remember Me

Postby uwstudent » Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:45 am

I recently picked up Remember Me. I thought it had a great concept and idea but rather poor execution.

-Neo Paris. It’s the best looking Neo Paris I’ve ever seen. It makes the whole game just gorgeous to look at. (having said that apparently the Art book for the game is sold out everywhere).
-Memory remixes. Best part of the game. You can go into someone’s head and change their memory. A scene will play out and you will have to change a couple of small things to make them remember differently.
-Niln. I even give the game high marks for making the main character a minority, as opposed to the usual white male protagonist with a gun.

-Neo Paris. While it looks great you cannot interact with the world. I would like it to have a bit more exploration and interaction with this futuristic world but it is very limited. Which also leads me to…
-Very linear story. You basically go from point A to point B with little in the way of exploration or side trips. The game almost takes you by the hand leading you through.
-Finally the fighting. There is way too much of it and you also have several boss battles which I think is totally unnecessary for a game like this. The fighting is like in Batman Arkham Asylum style, punch punch kick. Supposedly there is a “combo lab” where you can put together combos for more damage, etc but it generally devolves into button mashing about half the time, even after I’ve played through the game twice.

I really liked the game, wanted to LOVE it but just couldn’t. It’s a good first game for Dontnod. I’m hoping they make a sequel, heck we’re getting a Mirrors Edge 2, but this time clean it up. Fix the problems-more memory remixes and less fighting and make it more of an open world to explore. Let the story breath and discover it on your own.

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Re: Remember Me

Postby Remember_Me » Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:16 pm

uwstudent wrote:I recently picked up Remember Me.

So that was you??

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