Bison Jack's @Greenway Crossing in Middleton

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Bison Jack's @Greenway Crossing in Middleton

Postby Lily » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:47 pm

Was looking for a lunch place and stopped here last Saturday. I was attempting to check the wall menu and there were lots of pictures but no pricing listed. I walked up to the front and a rather surly guy behind the counter said everything is now $20. Sure enough, a large sign I now see says all meals $20. Mmm. I predict a failure here especially since I was the only other person in the place other than Mr. Crabbypants. I went elsewhere for my lunch. Too bad. I was looking forward to trying one of their bison burgers. NOT for $20 though.

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Re: Bison Jack's @Greenway Crossing in Middleton

Postby thebookpolice » Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:27 pm ... 963f4.html

A manager at the store would not say whether Bison Jacks was closing or not, instead referring calls to Steve Christensen at Golden Bison in Denver, who didn’t return calls.

“It’s a long drawn out story,” the manager said, adding that all information would need to come through Christensen.

“I’ve been in the business 29 to 30 years and this has never happened to me,” he said.

The manager said he didn’t want his name used, adding, “I have to look for a new job.”

The owner is a heir to the Wrigley fortune (was in the State Journal in an article when they first opened).

They are contractually obligated to stay open until October 2013, when their lease ends I suppose. Their only hope is that some other business wants to move in and get them out of their lease, or better yet, Starbucks next door happens to expand as it really needs to.

So yes, the owner has one employee that just lives their and looks if he can scrounge up a bun that's not stale for that bison dog that's been sitting in hot water for a week. He raised priced to $20.

Really? Why not do the opposite? Drop the prices to $5 and at least get some cash flow going and people in the doors, even if you'll take a loss. You're losing a lot more when you get zero customers at twenty bucks. 0 x $20 = $0

Oh well. An interesting concept that just didn't go well and now must suffer until it's October death.

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Re: Bison Jack's @Greenway Crossing in Middleton

Postby Remember_Me » Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:17 pm

I wish they'd relocate and/or reopen.

Was craving a bison dog this week.

Here's a previous thread started about Bison Jack's.

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Re: Bison Jack's @Greenway Crossing in Middleton

Postby EastSideTom » Sat May 11, 2013 8:27 pm

"The owner is a heir to the Wrigley fortune." Actually, Ricketts made his fortune selling Ameritrade to TD Bank. He's a major contributor to Teabagger candidates in Nebraska and elsewhere. His kids now own the Chicago Cubs.

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