Taqueria Sabor Queretano

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Taqueria Sabor Queretano

Postby LargeMarge » Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:20 pm

I couldn't find this reviewed anywhere on the forum. We really enjoyed it so I wanted to let everyone know about it. It is kind of hidden from East Washington. We ate here for lunch today. We don't usually eat by East Towne so I used Yelp to find a place.

They don't offer free chips and salsa (in case that is a deal killer for anyone). I forgot to see if they served alcohol. The portions were huge. It turned out to be way too much food. There isn't much selection for vegetarians other than the plantains and cheese enchiladas.

We ordered cheese enchiladas in green sauce, pork guaraches, plantains and two sodas (about $30). The green sauce was so tasty. It was a little spicy with many layers of flavor. The plantains came with rice and beans. It could have been a meal in itself, even though it was listed in the appetizer section. The pork was well cooked, neither too greasy or chewy. The plantains were left whole and fried. They were also served with rice and beans. The rice is in a white sauce rather than the typical Spanish rice.

We will definitely be back.

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