Adoptive moms can breastfeed

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Adoptive moms can breastfeed

Postby Anne » Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:18 am

For adoptive moms considering breastfeeding (Isthmus article "Ain't nothing like the real thing," April 5, 2013 issue, page 26 or see ... icle=39565 )
there are some excellent on-line supports. See Adoptive Breastfeeding Resource Website
(Help and practical advice for adoptive mothers who would like to breastfeed. Especially see “Darrilyn’s Corner”)

La Leche League general information on adoptive nursing
Stories of mothers who have nursed adopted babies

Dr. Jack Newman’s handout on adoptive breastfeeding ... e=doc-BABB

And be sure to read the excellent article by Karleen Gribble,
“Mental Health, Attachment and Breastfeeding: Implications for Adopted Children and Their Mothers.” International Breastfeeding Journal, 9 March 2006. You can read it on line at
http://www.internationalbreastfeedingjo ... 58-1-5.pdf

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