Free H20, That Will Be $1

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Re: Free H20, That Will Be $1

Postby Ninja » Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:12 am

rabble wrote:I am so PWNED.

I can't thank you enough for inadvertantly illustrating exactly what's so annoying about this fake, egotistical posturing that masquerades as legitimate concern for other people or social issues. Saved me the trouble of coming up with a hypothetical example.

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Re: Free H20, That Will Be $1

Postby drinkinblackcoffee » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:52 pm

penquin wrote:For the record, I'm a better person because of this thread being started.

If I had been blindsided (while eating out) with a charge for ice water, the response may not have polite nor respectful. (Get a lil' grumpy when hungry, ya know). Hearing about this ahead of time and understanding the reasoning behind it made it much better for all involved then it might've been had I been surprised by it while ordering.

You are welcome. Besides the one article I quoted, it doesn't look like anyone else was trying to get the word out - the Clean Water Alliance, to whom the dollars will benefit, don't seem to mention it on their website.

kweetech wrote:can we go back to the part...where people who think we have an infinite amount of clean water are goddamn idiots?

If your problem is with people not having water in certain parts of the world, the problem is about distribution.
If your problem is the water tables running dry, that has to do, primarily, with weather. Unless you're in favor of government experiements to control weather, there isn't a lot to do about that besides adapt and/or change the economics around water.

The former means genetic modification of the type of crops we grow to be hardier with less water and improving the efficiency of irrigation systems.

The later means, if water is a scarce resource, then it should be reflected in the prices of things. This is typically reflected in the price of food, first crops, then the things we eat that eat the crops.

Even with droughts in recent years, the economic impact of water as a scarce resource failed to register significantly in Wisconsin, or the US. Not sure about the rest of the world.

If you really wanted to make a difference to the "water shortage", the economics associated with water would need to change. Water (that doesn't fall from the sky) would cost alot more, forcing people to adapt further. For example, in the UK gas costs alot more. As a result, cars are smaller and more efficient. One could further postulate that food in the UK costs alot more, and as a result, people are much smaller (less obeisity).

The problem is that either we, in Wisconsin and the rest of the US, have adapted really well to water table shortages, at least enough so that it doesn't impact things economically. Trying to save the water table in the US, likely doesn't not make a difference to the parts of the world where the problem is more pronounced.
Without an economic impact, all you're left with is the cunty, blind-environmentalist whining of people like you.

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Re: Free H20, That Will Be $1

Postby massimo » Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:48 pm

Clearly, this effort was a failure. I see no evidence of increased awareness here.

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