Alberici's Delicatezza

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Alberici's Delicatezza

Postby john_titor » Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:27 pm

I have felt really bad about not writing any reviews in a while. My experiences have for the most part been average to poor. So I am pleased to be able to pass along a recommendation.

I had heard indirectly of the place's new Oregon residence, unaware it had been open since last fall.

The first time I went in, it was just to look around. Tom met me at the counter and let me know a bit about the place; was sold at Boar's Head meats. Theresa eventually appeared and told me the story. They were originally in Evansville. I had passed by the store myself more than one time coming up from Janesville. I had never stopped. They moved that store up to Oregon. I told her I would be back.

We happened to be in town the other night. I thought they were open until 7:30 (it's 7:00). As we pull in, I see Theresa go to the sidewalk and pull in the street display. My wife wants me to go to the door and find out when they close while they wait in the car. I suggest bringing the kids to increase our odds they would serve us (yeah, I know, but muhuhaha).

At 7:01 we graciously and happily got served.

We ordered meat lasagne, the Bruschetta Panini in both meat and veg flavors and Theresa offered to make a simple noodles and gravy for our youngest. A rare occurrence, all four of us were pleased and satisfied. She puts some cheese in the lasagne I can't place, but gives it a delicious and unique tang. The sausage in it was tasty too and I ate all excess sauce with a spoon. I didn't get a chance to try the panini as it was inhaled.

Lots of house made cold and marinated salads in the deli case. Sausage too. I want to go back for the Tuscany and muffeleta.

A nice couple who take pride in their work and want to do a good job. I wish them well and encourage your visit.

135 South Main Street Ste. A Oregon WI, 608 835-0225

p.s. I find well done lasagne both rare and remarkable.

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