A cup of water

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A cup of water

Postby Maggie » Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:01 pm

I was at the Avett Brothers show at the Orpheum. It was a fantastic show. I got thirsty and wanted a drink of water. I looked around for a water fountain but couldn't find one. The bartender downstairs, an attractive young blonde women, was not busy and I asked if they had a water fountain. She said no that they did not have a water fountain and that the only water available was bottled. She didn't have a friendly attitude. I asked how much. She said $3.00. I asked her if she could pour me some water in a cup from the faucet. She repeated in a clearly angry and snotty tone that the only water available was bottled water that I would have to buy. I would have given her a tip if she had poured me some water, but I said okay and walked away. Then I saw an older gentlemen with a Frank Productions badge. He might have been an usher, but he looked like he might be a big shot. I asked him if there was a water fountain anywhere. He said no but he said the bartender would give me a cup of water. I said that I had already asked her and she refused. So he went to her and told her to give me a cup of ice water. She did it and I thanked her, but she was really pissed. I did not give her a tip.

I told some friends about what happened and they told that some maniac had destroyed the water fountain at the Orpheum. Then they told me that the Majestic has thrown people out for filling their drink cups with water from the bathroom faucet. Later on another person told me the same thing.

I know the Barrymore will give people an empty cup and direct them to their water fountain if they don't want to spend money on bottle water.

I think this is rather a rather harsh policy. I could understand if the bar was really busy, but the bartender girl was just standing around at that point.

What do you guys think?

david cohen
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Re: A cup of water

Postby david cohen » Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:48 pm

I think I'd give the Barrymore my business from now on:)

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Re: A cup of water

Postby Donald » Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:49 pm

My solution is to be self-sufficient. I don't like drinking out of public fountains. Paying inflated prices for bottled water is stupid. Next time take water from home in a small bottle, and sneak it in wherever you go. No need to talk to snotty bar people, either.

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Re: A cup of water

Postby Jademan7 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:36 am

There are plenty of venues that will just keep some pitchers and empty cups on the corner of the bar so you can serve yourself. Seems like the best idea. Any time I've bartended at a place with dancing, there are a lot of water drinkers. Many of these folks end up having a few cocktails or beers during the night, but want to refresh/rehydrate during the night. No reason to squeeze them for $3 each time.

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Re: A cup of water

Postby Endo Rockstar » Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:13 am

Rant time.

Paying for water is bad business.

You are a bartender. You're not an entertainer. You're not part of the "show." You're not there to impress the hipsters as a "mixologist” (too many bartenders fall into this cute little trap –especially at some of the trendier places in town). Your job as a bartender is to take care of your customers. You’re running through a checklist of 10 things every time someone approaches the bar. Do they look young? Check ID. Have I checked their ID’s before? Yeah. What did I pour them for their last round? Rum and diet. How many did he have so far? This is his 4th in about an hour –he looks like he’s feeling it and he’s sweatin’ balls.

Hey brother, what can I get you? (as I’m grabbing the rum from the speed rail)
2 Rum and diets
You guys want a couple waters too?
Yeah dude, its warm in here!

Happy, well hydrated customers, stay longer, drink more, and therefore tip more. I’ll even call you a SafeRide so you get home without the fear of a DUI and can come back and do it again next week. You making it home safe and happy makes me money – you can be damn sure I’ll take care of my revenue stream.

Don’t fucking charge for water and don’t give bartenders a bad name –if you do, I’ll find you.

-Dan Motor

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Re: A cup of water

Postby Mandoliniment » Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:05 pm

Can we add the so-called "rocks charge" to this complaint?

But yeah, in all honesty keeping your customers hydrated is a safety issue, and squeezing paying customers for water is a straight up shitty thing to do.

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