"Hold your nose and vote Obama in 2012"

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"Hold your nose and vote Obama in 2012"

Postby manoletters » Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:33 pm

Seems to me the most vociferous condemnations of Barack Obama and his disgraceful presidency - which usually include urgings NOT to vote for him and Joe Biden - have their basis in Foreign Policy. I sympathize, but I would note recent indications are that the Obama administration is pretty hesitant to go to war against Iran, an outlook that is very much at odds with Romney/Ryan's belligerent rhetoric. However, there may be good reasons, pragmatically speaking, to "hold one's nose and vote for Obama." The choice to reelect the Pres and Vice would be properly motivated from the standpoint of what is LESS DESTRUCTIVE (not exactly BETTER) in the realm of domestic US policy. I don't completely agree with these folks that Obie and Joe would select better Supreme Court nominees. It's quite true a Romney Regime would be a nightmare for jurisprudence at the top; but I'm not entirely positively impressed with Obama's record on the federal judiciary, either. For me, this year's contest boils down to three KEY words: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. It's a matter of public record that the Repubs want to change Medicare to a voucher program, Medicaid to a block grant, and gamble our senior/disabled population's guaranteed Social Security benefits on Wall Sreet's Casino. I concede some of the Dems actions and proposals vis-a-vis the safety net have been less than salutary, but at least they have pledged not to monkey with Social Security in the same reckless fashion as Willard and Paul. Biden said very clearly in the VP debate that the Dems have no intention of moving to a Medicare voucher system. So we have the choice between comparatively good Dem promises that may, yes, be broken, and very BAD GOP proposals that you can be certain they will keep. I'm not TELLING anyone how to vote - just bringing up some important distinctions to consider if/when you're in that voting booth. http://www.holdyournoseandvoteobama2012.com/

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