2012 NL Central

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Re: 2012 NL Central

Postby minicat » Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:38 am

This was a pretty disappointing season, but I'm glad the Crew eventually rebounded and played like they shoulda been all season. Of course, when you lose half your starting lineup and a couple starting pitchers all at the same time, you're gonna have issues, but it was pretty much the bullpen that doomed them this season. If Melvin hadn't gotten cute and offered K-Not arbitration (and gotten stuck with him for way, waay too much money), they may have signed some other useful bullpen arms and not had this problem. Oh well, lesson learned. I hope.

At least they showed enough that Melvin shouldn't blow up the team in the offseason. Aoki was better than advertised, and Hart sure took to first base. Now, if they are just smart enough to send Carlos Gomez somewhere for a good return, while he has some momentary value again ...

I'm not totally surprised by Cincinnati, but I was surrpised the stinking rotten furshlugginer Cardinals had a good season again. At least I can be happy for Matheny.

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