Homage to Madison Bands Not Included in Smart Studios Exhibi

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Homage to Madison Bands Not Included in Smart Studios Exhibi

Postby DRAGONBOYGNARLY64 » Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:44 am

The following is the best recollection I have of this ACTUAL conversation with someone back in the day, when I called to book a show for my band, Phil Gnarly and the Tough Guys:

Phil Gnarly: Got any Friday or Saturday night slots open next month?

Booking dude from which bar I cannot remember:
Phil, you can have ANY night you want.

Phil Gnarly: Really?

Booking dude: Your crowd makes us a lot of money. They drink a lot!

Just went to the Smart Studios exhibit at WSHS; incomplete and focused on certain bands, and famous bands that had nothing to do with our local music scene. I am feeling the need to pay homage to some bands not included:
Phil Gnarly and the Tough Guys, The Weeds, The Other Kids, The O'Bros, The Burning Ernies

First, to my band:
We were not just awesome in our own minds, a whole lotta people loved us, as you all know.
They came to almost every show and sang along with us.
They brought trays of shots and pitchers of beer up to the stage for us.
Toni Zeimer and Tom Layton would give us any weekend night they had open, so would the Nar Bar, the Wagon Wheel, and we didn't have any problem getting booked at the Rathskeller, either.

So here's to us, for 6 years somebody at WSHS almost forgot entirely.
I say, "Almost", because there is a booking calendar from O'Cayz, July 1990. And there is where one can find our name, penciled in on the 28th. July 28th, 1990. Our first final show, and our last performance ever at O'Cayz.
5 years ago on July 28 2007, I quit drinking.
You know me, I don't think so.
If it's any consolation, they left out Marco Pogo.
Included some band named "Tormentula".
That was the first time I ever heard of that band.

The Marines have a motto, "Semper Fi", it means always faithful.
Our motto was:
Rock Hard
Ride Free
Die High

To The Weeds:
You were so gracious as to let us open for you sometimes, close for you other times.
You stood around drinking while we were playing, instead of going somewhere else.
You never beat us up.
You were one of Madison's all-time greatest bands.
Too bad someone at the WSHS doesn't agree with me.
Too bad their ignorant, uninformed, and inconsiderate.
So "Jim Dandy" will have to come "to the rescue" at some other tribute to the Madison Music Scene.
And Steve Watson of The Other Kids will have to kick your a**es some other day.

To The Other Kids and The O'Bros:

I honestly used to think you were one and the same.
But at least I thought of you,
Unlike the Wisconsin State Historical Society.
Miss you guys and wish they would've included you in their very nice exhibit at the Museum on the square.

To The Burning Ernies:
It's not like you guys never existed.
Well, yeah it is, kind of.
At least if you go to the Smart Studios exhibition at the WSHS, you'll see what I mean.
I woulda thought they woulda included you.
I woulda been wrong.
So here's to you fine dudes
May your beautiful music be played repeatedly
For those climbing the stairway to heaven.
Oh yeah, Dread Zeppelin was included in the exhibition.
But not you guys.

And to a whole lotta other bands and musicians and characters I noticed were noticeably omitted from the exhibition,
Here's the acknowledgement you shoulda gotten
For the part you played
And the contribution you made to the Madison Music Scene.

When you get to the Pearly Gates or the Lake of Fire, tell 'em your on the Guest List. And so is everyone with you.

Phil Gnarly

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Re: Homage to Madison Bands Not Included in Smart Studios Ex

Postby spazzz » Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:10 pm

Thanks Phil

Stumbled on this page checking out American Noise links.
Your words of wisdom are just like the old days when you would never shut the F up!! But you always got it right.
Very spot on.
Gotta love that gig on Johnson ST.(can't remember the venue) when White Zombie opened for Phil Gnarly and the Tough Guys.


Tim, Burning Ernie

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