Any Nevil Shute fans here?

What books, zines or other pulp are you reading? What aren't you reading? What should everyone else read?
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Any Nevil Shute fans here?

Postby johnfajardohenry » Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:27 am

Many of us read "On the Beach" in HS in the 60's. (My son read it in HS in the 90s). Some may remember the wonderful miniseries of "A Town Like Alice" with Bryan Brown and Helen Morse.

Most people don't realize he wrote 22 other novels. Everyone a jewel.

He was also a famous aviation engineer, entrepreneur and designer of weird weapons in WWII.

My two favorites are "A Town Like Alice" and "Trustee from the Toolroom" I read them over and over and over.

John Henry

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Re: Any Nevil Shute fans here?

Postby Galoot » Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:19 pm

"Around the Bend" is an amazing book of his, and one that greatly influenced my younger brother's work ethic. My brother got his AS degree in aicraft maintenance, I think partly inspired by that book, and in every job he has had since his late teens, he has had an incredibly strong work ethic.

I picked up a copy while my brother was living with me and read it, and it became very clear to me how much it had influenced my brother. And it's a great book besides.

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