RWP: Rep Sean Duffy and the Bring Jobs Home Act

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RWP: Rep Sean Duffy and the Bring Jobs Home Act

Postby Schabow » Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:01 pm

I'm excited about this week's Rants Without Pants, because not only do I discuss WI Rep Sean Duffy and the Bring Jobs Home Act, I also introduced a new segment called "Fly Up/Fly Down" where I recount national and WI news stories and give it a Fly Up (which is good) or a Fly Down (which is bad).

Things discussed in the Fly Up/Fly Down segment:
WI Judge David Flanigan's Voter ID ruling
Target greeting cards
Milwaukee Taco Bell
Romney not releasing his taxes
WI Awful Job Numbers for June
Ron Johnson's lust for China
Herb Kohl's laziness
Olympic Committee's decision to make the uniforms in China.

Here it is on my blog: ... -sean.html

Or here it is from Youtube:

Finally, the facebook group is here:!/groups/392453897460373/

I hope you dig it! I'm ready for a discussion if you guys and gals are.

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