Top Five Reasons Progressives Have the Moral High Ground

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Re: Top Five Reasons Progressives Have the Moral High Ground

Postby TeachInPeace » Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:09 pm

Le sigh. Another potentially interesting thread devolves into a seething morass of trolling. Hm. Wonder if anything is happening on the "food issues" threads?

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Re: Top Five Reasons Progressives Have the Moral High Ground

Postby Cornbread » Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:18 pm

Henry Vilas wrote:Take care reform quiz...

I did, but I think after question #4 stopped as realized how absurd it was. But I do like to look a the sources leftists use to affirm/get their warped worldview.

was rather quaint at their main page, how it's time to "Move on...but most republicans still want to stop the law" "

Isn't kaiser an HMO? Oh, and your zoo still sucks henry. Don't look upon us working people as mere chimps in your zoo.

OK, now back to actually trying to deprogram leftists:

“Secretary” Mentions in [obamacare] Law

“Secretary” 3267 times
“Secretary shall” 1051 times
“by the Secretary” 651 times
“Secretary may” 371 times
“Secretary determines” 222 times
“Secretary under” 80 times
“Secretary in consultation” 39 times

Sort of sad, reading how emotionally vested you leftists are in being conned. But then again, no good, deep cons operate without the emotional component on their useful idiots.

If you finally want to actually become aware of what you leftists so believe in, read further in that link. Don't get your code pink undies in a bundle---it's not by "Fox" or "Bush" or "Palin". It's from your beloved obamacare law.

You have much to learn.

You certainly do keep screwing up your pronouns there henry.

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