Star Trek: Voyager, 10 years late.

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Star Trek: Voyager, 10 years late.

Postby Bludgeon » Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:23 am

By the time I started watching the last episode, I could already tell I'd be crying like a baby, by the time I finished it, I was right. Ah, Netflix, you have made a Trekker out of me.

What a great series. Deep Space 9 was so boring I never thought to watch Voyager. Big mistake. Janeway is an awesome captain, everyone on the crew is spectacular.

It must be admitted that TNG has pretty much cemented its status as my favorite of the franchise, not least for Patrick Stewart's contribution. But the original series in a lot of ways is better, especially the first season before NBC gave Shatner an inferiority complex. I normally would not watch a remastered show but the original series was augmented in such a subtle way that I continued to be impressed throughout the three seasons (never knew how many episodes there were!).

Having thoroughly enjoyed them, my first impression of Voyager was that Janeway was the most dynamic captain since JTK. But she's no female carbon copy of the original, either. She's just as reckless and gutsy as Kirk, but just as disciplined and principled as Picard. I suppose that means that in a certain way, she's my favorite of the 5 captains so far.

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Voyager was also really innovative; it advanced the format of episodes, the pace of the story, the direction of the dialogue and the parameters for character relations. It was a really good series. The writers bend a lot of rules. One of the guidelines for periodical writing is that while every installment should be fresh, it should also tell the first time watcher everything they need to know about who the characters are and what is going on in the long game as quickly and thoroughly as possible. One of my favorite trends in this series was the writers' willingness to test the limits of what a viewer would accept; but they were always disciplined enough to walk the tightrope and pull it off just right. I will miss this series.

On a sour note, I'm depressed to say that unless I want to go back and finish the rest of DS9, there's nothing left but Star Trek: Enterprise. Each episode is like a train wreck. I heard the last season (s4) was really good so I'm holding my nose through that awful, awful theme song and starting with the last episode of season 3.

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Re: Star Trek: Voyager, 10 years late.

Postby chainsawcurtis » Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:00 pm

One of Janeway's best lines: "Time travel always gives me a headache for two weeks!"

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Re: Star Trek: Voyager, 10 years late.

Postby uwstudent » Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:44 pm

I really REALLY wish they'd put a new Trek on TV. TV is such a wasteland.

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Re: Star Trek: Voyager, 10 years late.

Postby Remember_Me » Thu Jul 05, 2012 7:32 pm

uwstudent wrote:TV is such a wasteland.

Get HBO.

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Re: Star Trek: Voyager, 10 years late.

Postby LargeMarge » Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:00 pm

We've been watching Voyager and DS9. DS9 does get better later. I thought the first couple seasons were boring, but I liked it much better after Worf joined. I haven't watched Enterprise. TNG was my favorite, but I found the first season a bit cheesy. We re-watched the whole series this past spring.

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