Hydro Street in Columbus

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Hydro Street in Columbus

Postby kimm » Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:46 am

I'm confused. I've heard GREAT things about this place. Our homebrew friends were the only ones we heard anything bad from. They rated it just above Woodman in terms of grotesque brewpubs in the state. Because of the good things we'd heard from others, we thought maybe they were just over-critical and went with an open mind and had lunch and a sampler of beers.

I'd love to hear other's thoughts. Our experience wasn't great, but I sincerely hope they make it and therefore hope they continue to improve.

The Good or Average

Nice building
Cool open kitchen set up
Focus on "local" foods
Focused menu in terms of size and offerings
Beef n' Beer sandwich, though the bread was really greasy
Nice side choices, though they were out of pasta salad. The cucumbers were pretty much straight vinegar flavor.
Good beer variety

The Bad
The taste of most beers. Nothing solid "to style" and when it went off style, it didn't feel creative or delicious. We had the ESB, Alt, Scotch Ale and two IPAs. One was the "most hoppy" they had. We certainly couldn't tell. One of the IPAs tasted Belgian. The ESB and Alt, two milder styles, had zero remarkable about them. I like a good bready ESB and crisp alt. These were interchangable. The Scotch Ale at least tasted like a scotch ale, just not like one I'd care to order again. I'd put their beer far above Woodman, but somewhere around the brewpub in Chilton or Manitowoc, my other two least favorite brewpubs in Wisconsin in terms of beer quality.
Wimpy homemade chips. Looked good, not at all crisp.
Terrible burger. It says it's lean beef and it shouldn't be overcooked or it will become a hocky puck. Apparently the cook didn't get that memo, as mine arrived medium-well and it was dry as a bone. You'd think the blue cheese would help that. It was such a meager amount that it made no difference. The sauteed mushrooms tasted like dry, burned mushroom chips.

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Re: Hydro Street in Columbus

Postby QuantumWeaver » Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:20 pm

I ate there shortly after they opened. Now, normally I'll give a place a chance when they first open. But my experience there was beyond reprehensible and I vowed never to go back. That was pretty much the experience of the 12 other people in my group that tried it over a 2-3 day period. Not one person had anything good to say about it from service, speed, food, beverages, etc.

I realize they focus on local foods, but if they're going to cook them like that they're just giving local foods, and those suppliers, a bad name.

I hope they turn it around, but it doesn't sound like they've done so in the last 5 months.

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Re: Hydro Street in Columbus

Postby pattymcnutt » Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:09 pm

I have eaten there 3-4 times since it opened and just moved a few blocks from it, so I pass by regularly. I have found it to have a great atmosphere (cool building, the owners are really nice), but unfortunately the food and beer leave much to be desired. They put a lot of emphasis on the locally grown thing, but the food isn't really that good (and the portions are small for the price). I think the husband of the couple that owns it does the cooking and he might be a decent home cook, but doesn't really seem to have restaurant experience, so the food takes FOREVER (last time we waited 45 minutes) and comes out over-done and overly greasy (the pub chips especially). I've tried only one of their beers and was not impressed- it tastes a lot like something an inexperienced home brewer mixes up in his basement. While the owners are super nice, their other servers are young ditzy college girls with spray tans and too much makeup who spend more time texting than working. One night we waited an extrordinarily long time for our check even though there was hardly anyone else in the place because the server was too busy yakking with her friend to stop by our table.

I really want this place to be good (it's right in the neighborhood, nice place to sit and hang out, etc.) but every time we've been there we've walked out feeling underwhelmed. I wish they'd just start selling more local beer (instead of their own stuff) and tone down the food a little bit (just serve good basic sandwiches and salads- quit trying to be so fancy)- then I'd probably be a regular customer.

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