Surge Cafe

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Surge Cafe

Postby rabble » Thu May 26, 2011 12:54 pm

Kennedy Place, Atwood Ave.

Where Milio's used to be.

I stopped in about noon and had a hot ham and egg. Three bucks. pretty good sammich. Liked it. Hope this one hangs around for a while, I think it's a good fit for the neighborhood.

Baked goods from Madison Sourdough.

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Re: Surge Cafe

Postby barney » Thu May 26, 2011 4:26 pm

Milio's on Atwood closed? When did that happen?

Seems like a rare occurrence, doesn't it?

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Re: Surge Cafe

Postby mtemple » Thu May 26, 2011 10:21 pm

Not sure when the Milio's closed, but there was hardly ever anyone else in there when I stopped by so I'm not surprised it closed. Hope the new place is good -- judging from the menu, it seems like a good fit for the neighborhood.

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Re: Surge Cafe

Postby Marvell » Fri May 27, 2011 10:09 am

Do they serve Surge?

I only ask because I have been told that it is fully loaded, with carbos.

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Re: Surge Cafe

Postby keelio » Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:28 pm

Got to give a little love to Surge. Stopped in for my first visit during the noon hour today - great sandwich & very decent value. So good, in fact, we stopped in on the way home for sandwiches for dinner. Being a veggie, the idea is very appealing - you start with one of their "signature" combos and build from there. The starter is a pretty amazing finisher from a vegetarian perspective, but they also carry some veggie-friendly protein add-ins as well as those appealing to carnivores. The base "signature" sammie comes in at $3.89, pretty affordable these days. The protein boost ranges from a half buck to a buck, depending on the choice. I did the "Zeus's Fuel" on a ciabatta roll for lunch - a yummy melange of tapenade, feta, tomatoes, cukes, spinach, red onion, & roasted red pepper spread. My dinner choice was the "Electric Mariachi" on a whole wheat wrap - spicy mashup with refritos, jalapenos, tomatoes, cheddar, sour cream, avocado, red onion. Quality seemed exceptional, as did the taste. Also noticed they do breakfast sandwiches, so may be stopping in early as well.

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Re: Surge Cafe

Postby anaranjado » Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:54 pm

I love this place! Sandwiches are very fresh with good, quality ingredients. You'll never go to Subway again after eating here. The owners are sweet and they offer some different salads, as well. I hope this place sticks around, too!

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Re: Surge Cafe

Postby massimo » Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:14 pm

Thanks for the heads up! Went here today, got the 'Capresi Surge' I think it was called, and it was delicious. Hunks of fresh mozzarella, tomato, and some fresh basil on grilled ciabatta, and I added some free range chicken too. Pretty cheap (<$6)!

The location worries me a little bit. I hope they can make a go of it there...

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Re: Surge Cafe

Postby snoqueen » Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:28 pm

You guys have convinced me I need to check out Surge. It sounds like the kind of place and the kind of food I like, and I'm in the area quite often.

Word of mouth really is the best advertising.

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Re: Surge Cafe

Postby Slick Willy » Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:53 pm

massimo wrote:The location worries me a little bit. I hope they can make a go of it there...

I really don't think that it will last. The food is fine, but not so amazing that people will search very hard for it, because it's easy to drive right past without seeing. If Milio's didn't make it, even if Surge is better, I can't imagine that another sandwich place will fare much better. Also, with Monty's so close by, they have some tough competition.

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Re: Surge Cafe

Postby iwiw99 » Mon Dec 26, 2011 1:55 pm

I stopped for the first time and will be back. Had the El Mariachi with chicken and it rocked. Best sandwich in a long time. Some Madison restaurants could take a few lessons from that sandwich.

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