TV shows of the recession

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TV shows of the recession

Postby Shorty » Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:50 pm

Has anyone else noticed an abundance of cable TV reality shows that seem to all be related to the recession? TV has reached a new low. Here are my new guilty pleasures:

Storage Wars - storage lockers that are repossessed because the owner stopped paying for them, so their contents go up for auction. The door is opened and buyers have 5 minutes to look inside, but they can't go inside to look around or touch any items. So the bidders aren't exactly sure what they are getting. After the winning bid, the new owner goes inside the locker to figure out what he bought and it's worth. At the end of the show, the profits or losses are tallied up to see which bidder did best. This is A&E's highest rated show.

Picker Sisters - two glamorous young LA women wearing shorts go around the country buying junk they think can be used to make new industrial looking furniture. They ship it back to LA where a carpenter uses it to build the furniture which they sell in their store. This is on Lifetime.

Hard Core Pawn - life at a pawn shop. There are two series, one in Las Vegas where the customers usually bring in high quality items to sell. Most of it is antiques and the customers are usually normal, middle class people. It reminds me of the Antique Road Show and is peaceful with no violence or bad language. This is on A&E. The other series is from Detroit where the customers are usually poor inner city people selling junk not worth much. Usually the sellers get into an argument or fight with the store employees or other customers. There is a lot of swearing and drama. This is on TruTV.

Lastly, there are four shows about car repossessions on TruTV. Now this is trash TV at it's best. All of them are similar in some ways. The repo employees are big, fat, tough people, usually with tattoos and piercings, and mostly men but some women. The people who get car's repossessed almost always argue, swear at, or fight the repo employees, sometimes with weapons. The variations are:

Bear Swamp recovery - set in New Jersey.
Lizard Lick Towing - set in North Carolina.
Operation Repo - set in Miami.
South Beach Tow -set in South Beach

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