Bean Sprouts closed

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Bean Sprouts closed

Postby Shorty » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:46 pm

Bean Sprouts was in Middleton on Frank Lloyd Wright Ave. They featured kid's meals.

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Re: Bean Sprouts closed

Postby rabble » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:51 pm

So is there anything left of Middleton besides a liquor store and a guy with a constant yard sale?

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Re: Bean Sprouts closed

Postby thebookpolice » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:22 pm

They've actually been (bean?) closed for a while. The owners published a successful book, and decamped for Beverly (Hills, that is) to seek fame and fortune. ... 03286.html

The lone outpost left in Green Acres, I mean Wisconsin--at the Children's Museum--also closed and is now The Roman Candle Sparkler.

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