Blaska and Isthmus's credibility

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Re: Blaska and Isthmus's credibility

Postby Mean Scenester » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:35 am

jjoyce wrote:Some of you I know and have a lot of respect for. You express yourself beautifully in other areas of life and clearly understand and convey the brightest spirit of living in Madison during this time, one way or another. So why are you allowing yourselves to be sucked into this ridiculous back-and-forth?

Criticism of the content provided by unpaid contributors to your site rings pretty hollow when you continue to defend your paper's subsidizing one of the most predictable and least creative or credible conservative bloggers I've ever encountered online.

Anyone who works the web who thinks pageviews are indicative of shit should probably be looking for a different gig. If that's the standard, I could write a script in about two minutes that would pump up Blaska's "popularity" exponentially. What would that prove exactly? That Blaska is a big hit with unthinking bots?

Actually ... yeah, that sounds about right.

Deal with it: A lot of people think your inability to cultivate a serious and thoughtful conservative voice speaks poorly of your publication's editorial efforts. If you gave a damn about your readers, you'd give more weight to that opinion than anything Blaska piddles into his keyboard.

But you're consistently dismissive of constructive criticism on this front, and then dismayed and "depressed" (Christ, get up from your desk and take a walk, JJ) when the some of those critics resort to responding to Blaska in kind. Well, mediocrity begets mediocrity. You reap what you sow.

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Re: Blaska and Isthmus's credibility

Postby scratch » Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:53 pm

David Blaska wrote:
jman111 wrote:Popularity neither indicates nor implies support for content. It is obvious to anyone who visits Blaska's self-constructed fantasy land that the majority of his "followers" are actually folks trying to correct his factual inaccuracies and identify his hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.

Which you have proven incapable of doing, you little pea shooter.

Hey, Big D, you paragon of accuracy and fair play, where's your blog entry about the jack-booted Republican thugs who disrupted Fred Clark's press conference in Baraboo? WSJ, another paragon of evenhandedness (at least compared to Blaska), says one of your soulmates grabbed an attendee's camera and damaged it. My gawd! An assault on private property! And in a room legally rented by the Democrats to celebrate Clark's candidacy to unseat Luther Olsen in a rcall election! I awssume your silence on this heinous incident is due to your gathering of facts before you blog on the subject.

Nah, Porstache Blaska has no use for facts that don't fit his twisted worldview.

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Re: Blaska and Isthmus's credibility

Postby bdog » Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:18 am

bdog wrote:An over the top statement by Blaska for sure, but...didn't the teachers have some influence?

How many teachers sat the kids down and went over the arguments on both sides (for there ARE two sides to the argument).

How many teachers explained to the students how they were inherently biased on the issue?

I'm guessing the answer is few to none.

An incredible teaching moment was probably lost. Give the students a fair assessment of the situation and let them decide. It didn't happen. Love to hear about it if it did.

No reactions? Agreement? Rebuttal?

This is what I mean - a reasonable opinion on teacher influence on students gets zero traction here. Fine. I will Blaskasize my point:

"The teachers held guns to the kids's heads and told them either their feet or their brains were gonna be on East Wash"

My opinion, Blaska's blog is no different than "This Modern World" (yes, very cartoonish). Neither one is meant to be taken literally. I would even go so far as to say that, like Tom Tomorrow, Blaska is an Artist.

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Re: Blaska and Isthmus's credibility

Postby jman111 » Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:23 am

I cannot speak to the specifics (I wasn't personally involved), but I agree with your opinions regarding lack of responses to reasonable statements. It certainly explains Blaska's preference for absurdity, outlandishness, dishonesty, etc, especially considering Jason's apparent explanation of the importance of pageviews.
It's disheartening then, to say the least, that what The Isthmus appears to strive for is closer to National Enquirer-style outrageousness than thought-provoking dialog of issues.

What bothers me the most are the declarations to the contrary.

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