Swamp Thing Returns to Play Club D, O'Cayz+Rev Cycle: 8.21/2

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Swamp Thing Returns to Play Club D, O'Cayz+Rev Cycle: 8.21/2

Postby Zombeatles_Fan » Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:56 pm

Swamp Thing Returns for 3-Show Tour of Madison!

The formerly popular rock band from Madison's Mid-80s scene returns to play three shows the weekend of August 21 and 22: O'Cayz Corral, The Club De Wash, and Revolution Cycles.

Friends of the band have warned the aging scenesters that the two seminal clubs from their heyday have changed substantially in the 25 years or so since Swamp Thing last performed there, but the band remains undaunted. "We had our record release party for 'Learning to Disintegrate'* at the Club de Wash, says Jonathan Zarov, the band's singer/songwriter. "I'm resting up to make sure I don't run out of gas during what should prove to be a high-octane performance there."

Steve Bear, the band's drummer, is most excited about playing at O'Cayz Corral. "We're going to burn the place down — blow the roof off it — just like the old days," he says.

Though original members Bob Appel and Mike Kashou were recently devoured by mosquitoes, the band is forging ahead with as-yet-uneaten musician Biff Blumfumgagnge (Gomers, Reptile Palace Orchestra, Yammer, and more) and a number of other Madison guest musicians who will sit in.

They'll play hits from the old days, satirical songs like I Love Children, Rabbit Revolution, The Island Song, Beautiful Communists, Mackerel Nose, and Your Aunt Nellie's Dead — as well as some newer and previously unheard material.

Swamp Thing 2010 Free Tour
No cover charge for any of the three shows!

Saturday, August 21
12 pm, O'Cayz Corral, 504 E. Wilson St. (short acoustic set)
1 pm, Club de Wash, 636 W. Washington Ave. (short acoustic set)

Sunday, August 22
8 pm, Revolution Cycles, 2330 Atwood Ave., full band, also free

Swamp Thing: Selected Highlights and Defining Moments from the 1980s

• Released two albums: Learning to Disintegrate (produced by Butch Vig) and A Cow Come True

• Set record for amount of beer sold in one night at Memorial Union performance

• Set record for pieces of freshly toasted bread and waffles flung from stage at Memorial Union performance

• Toured extensively: As far south as Austin, TX and as far north as Halifax, NS (and just not to repeat their mistakes, make a right when you pass through Main going north, not a left)

• Performed trademark guerilla street shows across the country (water dumped on their heads from an apartment in NYC West Village, spit on in Harvard Square)

• Discovered by the Pretenders playing in front of Milwaukee's Oriental Theatre (though that could have been the Violent Femmes, it was a long time ago...)

• Closed the legendary Folk City in NYC—last night before it went out of business—on a bill with the Smithereens, dbs, and others.

• Created Eau de Pain, a unisex fragrance (ask for it at the Soap Opera)

• Created a 3-headed, 3-tailed discus salmon (don't ask for it... if you want one, make your own: salmon parts, picture wire, floral foam)

• Members founded the Knitting Factory, a jazz club in NYC

• Reviewed favorably in People Magazine

• Band members went on to play or work with notables such as Garbage, Willy Porter, Los Lobos, Peter Stampfel, Elvis Costello, The Jazz Passengers, and City Recycling Coordinator George Dreckman

Bear acknowledges that changes in the club scene could adversely affect the tour. "The Revolution Cycles show on Sunday will be a solid show no matter what. If you can only go to one, make that the one."

The veteran drummer then gets a far-away look in his eye, memories swarming as quickly as the mosquitoes attacking his forearms. Swatting six in one swipe and wiping away his own blood, he offers this: "If the rumors are true... we still won't let a little thing like a club not existing stop us. We're going to go out
there and play our hearts out. But at O'Cayz and Club De Wash, we'll go in with just an acoustic guitar and snare drum. Easier to run away if challenged by police or an unsympathetic gas station owner."

http://magazine.localsounds.org/2010/08 ... ree-shows/

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Re: Swamp Thing Returns to Play Club D, O'Cayz+Rev Cycle: 8.21/2

Postby Zombeatles_Fan » Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:24 pm

The new grass stage at O'Cayz looked very comfy. Glad Bob W. was on sound, and Hanah on lights.

Also nice of the Kelley's Market manager to let the band play 1 more (it seems the Club De Wash stage is inside their freezer now)

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