Dells Restuarant Recommendations

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Re: Dells Restuarant Recommendations

Postby kimm » Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:10 pm

The High Rock Cafe downtown has pretty good food and laid back atmosphere. They were expanding in the spring when I was last there, so the remodel is probably done.

House of Embers has good happy hour specials, but yeah, not worth the price for dinner.

I'll second the Sarentos suggestion for a nice dinner. The service and food is good.

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Re: Dells Restuarant Recommendations

Postby juice » Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:39 am

Glad someone mentioned High Rock. Kinda new on the scene, but reasonably priced, laid back, and in three meals I've been pleased. I love a Monk's burger, but prefer the old downtown spot to the Wildnerness one for some reason. A trip to the Dells isn't complete for me without a pan-style Pizza Pub special. I like Ravina Bay for a sundown drink as well, only had their food once or twice, and it seems to be less memorable than their view across from Tommy Bartlett show. Speaking of a good view, RiverWalk Pub has the best patio I know of, I just wish they'd let their bartenders pour a real drink. Mr. Pancake or Paul Bunyan's for breakfast. So much good food here :)

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Re: Dells Restuarant Recommendations

Postby babelfish » Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:30 pm

If you need a place to stop for breakfast on the way back to Madison (assuming you take the scenic route), check out this place...

I would put it above Mr Pancake and Paul Bunyan's, but they do get busy...however it is so worth the wait!!!

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Re: Dells Restuarant Recommendations

Postby LargeMarge » Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:53 pm

I used to recommend the Cheese Factory. My last two visits were disappointing. They stopped putting guacamole on the chimichanga to save costs. The food took forever to arrive. They people eating next to us were from the church (or whatever you call the organization). They were talking about all the financial problems the group was having. That was over a year ago. I haven't been back to see if they have improved.

I do like the High Rock. Their garlic tater tots rule. I was there last night. I had the veggie wrap. It's hard to find vegetarian food in the Dells. My SO enjoyed his jerk chicken sandwich. My nieces loved their mac & cheese and the tater tots. My sister didn't like her monkfish, but her husband did. She did like the mac & cheese, tater tots and her husband's ahi tuna.

I find Moosejaw and Marley's OK. I wouldn't eat there on purpose, but I can handle the food.

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Re: Dells Restuarant Recommendations

Postby john_titor » Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:58 pm

I have much mixed emotions about the Dells. A land of opportunity and contrast. I erode after being exposed more than 24 hrs.

I was being yelled at, so we stopped at Moosejaw.

It has a theme-park restaurant feel, except not in a theme park. Patrons comprised of throngs of children and their over-seers along with some random old people. The wait staff was very accommodating and accustomed to kids. Adult food was meh. Children's food was consumed.

Breakfast at Denny's was ok. A bit pricey. Kids did not dig the food.

Would it kill them to turn up the heat in the water parks a bit? Damn cold and it is only October.

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Re: Dells Restuarant Recommendations

Postby Saboroso » Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:38 pm

jhain wrote:I've gone there a couple times a year for at least a decade and never had any religious recruitment or even a mention. Perhaps I just look "atheist."

No. It’s because you look like their interplanetary, supreme commander! I'm surprise they haven't offered you a tourist sacrifice from the basement :D

I’m with you though. I make the trip several times a year just for their food. And it's fun to see the staff glide around without their feet touching the floor. Just do NOT go up that stairway.


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