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Re: one less bike...

Postby CoffeeJones » Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:32 pm

Bad Gradger wrote:
CoffeeJones wrote:article

The article has since been updated to change "illegally" to "legally," although what that means as to the circumstances of the accident isn't clear.

Also, nice work copying and pasting the article in full, including the "this material may not be redistributed" note.

Yeah, I didn't catch that until after I posted.

BTW, my point here was not that the cyclist was riding illegally, just that the consequences of car/bike are seldom in favor of the bike. When I was riding regularly, I avoided areas where this could occur as much as possible, and took very few chances. I just don't trust anyone else to be looking out for me.

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Re: one less bike...

Postby snoqueen » Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:56 pm

Re the Dells crash/death:

Wasn't there a similar death on the east side here in Madison a few years ago involving a female cyclist riding on the sidewalk who ran into the right side of a delivery van? I seem to remember the van driver was cleared of wrongdoing later on.

It's every truck or van driver's nightmare to be hit on the right side (the blind side) by a cyclist at a corner. It's hard to imagine a way for the vehicle to avoid such an accident. Seems to me the cyclist is obligated to stop at the corner like a pedestrian and look both ways, but maybe I don't understand the sequence of events in either of these crashes.

Anyway, a very sad and bad day for some family, for some driver, and for the EMTs and helicopter crews.

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Re: one less bike...

Postby Average Joe » Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:26 pm

NBC15 said she was from overseas working at the Dells for the summer. Perhaps her understanding of the law and expectations of behavior were shaded by her background. How sad and tragic.

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Re: one less bike...

Postby Comrade » Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:00 pm

Stebbin, I am truly sorry that you got hit by an inattentive driver. I hope you weren't seriously injured and that the guilty party was held accountable.

I wrote earlier that I would be equally as harsh on bad drivers and I meant it. If the truck driver in the dells is at fault, then I say throw the book at him!

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Re: one less bike...

Postby WestSideYuppie » Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:26 am

Endo Rockstar wrote:I'm riding from 2 miles west of Hilldale. When I leave in the morning I usually pass a few of the spandex monsters with something to prove coming from middleton. its the same story as you make the brief pass through shorewood to the hospital. Once I hit the lakeshore path coming downtown things normal out a bit and you see people with bikes that don't look like nascars.

To be fair I'm not much of biker, I don't get the culture, the dress, the fascination with Styrofoam helmets, or the padded butt-shorts (I figure "fuck you" i had to suffer a sore ass for the first week when I started riding--they should too!) think of my impressions as that of a n00b

You probably ride past my house. I watch those bikes going by in the morning while I drink my yuppie coffee.

I think you're being hypersensitive. The vast majority of bikes on the west side commute seem to range from normal to crappy. Most of them look like "campus bikes," i.e., dressed down and encrusted to discourage theft. There's the occasional peloton of Spandex, which I always assumed were on the way home from their morning ride.

Sometimes a bike is just a bike. Not everything you see outdoors is intended as a message. I suspect that most folks are ignorant of bike "culture" and are just trying to get from A to B in one piece. If they have anything fancy, it's because they felt like splurging at the Trek store.

People in Madison are very resourceful in combining new and old parts into some very commuter-friendly, solid, and fast rides.

Thank you. :mrgreen:

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Re: one less bike...

Postby idahostop » Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:25 pm

What's wrong with well-thought-out bike legislation?

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Re: one less bike...

Postby Crockett » Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:33 pm

jman111 wrote:
Crockett wrote: ...the cost to society of a bike running a stop sign is FAR less than a car running a stop sign; and thus should be treated differently.

I'm curious- how can you make this statement with such certainty? I think the "cost to society" would depend on the outcome or consequences of the action. If a car breezes through a stop sign and hits nothing, is the cost actually greater than if a bike breezes through and kills a pedestrian?

Insert 'potential cost' and you'll get it.

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