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Postby msnflyer » Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:51 pm

Hadn't been there for a while, met a friend at the Whitney Way location last night. Was seated, ordered beverage for self and companion who was running a bit late.

New menu since the last visit. Noticed the blurb about the food being prepped to order, please allow time for preparation. OK, no problem. Was asked 3 times if I wanted to order before friend arrived. No, leave me alone with my Negro Modelo.

Companion arrived, didn't have time to remove coat before being asked for an order. More time please. Looked at the menu, talked, decided on Queso Fundido appetizer. Ordered, asked to order entrees after app arrived. As soon as the queso arrived, what did we want to order. OK OK, we'll order dinner. The dinner platters arrived within minutes, had barely started the appetizer (which could have had another tortilla for the quantity of queso.)

The food wasn't good. Refried beans that were barely tan, insipid sauce, bland enchilada filling, everything was salty. We took leftovers but after I was visited by my dinner at 3:00 a.m. decided to pitch them.

Laredos used to be OK but now they're worse than Pedro's. The pressure to turn tables and poor timing of food delivery means I won't be back. While I was there they were turning tables in less than 30 minutes. If I want to gulp and go, I'll patronize McD's, they're cheaper and the food will be better (but just as salty.)

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