COD5 w@W

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COD5 w@W

Postby jammybastard » Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:41 am

Got it for the 360 (early delivery from EB! w00t!)
Got it for the PC ("Arrgh!")

Played SP and MP on the 360
Played SP on the PC

Playing on a 42" Sony HD (1080i) w/ 5.1 surround.

Fun as hell, and it *IS* nice to be playing WWII again!
I'm on LIVE right now, TDM, not hardcore.
Maps are HUUUUGE, plenty of places to hide, skirmish, etc...good for sniping and knife kills.
Really great job on map design both look and feel.
I hate playing FPS on the 360 due to aiming with a joysitck, but it's still fun.

PC version....on my quad core WinXP sp3 PC, 4GB ram, Evga 8600GT gfx card.
Running 1600x900 on a 22in Dell LCD.
Looks and plays great.
No problems at all

No issues with SP mode...except that the level design and scenarios reminds me of the SP mode of the EA:MOH series
and I HATED that series.
Rail FPS. No sandbox! BOOO!

Still...for MP clan gaming....IMHO PC is the way to

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Re: COD5 w@W

Postby Shipley » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:49 am

So did Treyarch not botch this one? I understand it still runs on the COD4 engine, so I guess that helps.

Personally, I can't stand the WWII shooters. I don't much care for the modern ones either. Don't know if its because I feel creepy re-enacting actual fights or what but it doesn't sit right. Thing I like about Halo and Gears and Metroid is I'm going to encounter something I've never seen and fight a monster the size of a building. Realism doesn't do anything for me. Thats all a personal preference I guess.

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Re: COD5 w@W

Postby jammybastard » Mon Nov 10, 2008 12:39 pm

Well they did fuck up the SP, but MP is good because they borrowed the basic format from COD4. Good choice on their part.

As far as the re-enacting historic events...well...
my father was bomber pilot in WWII so I grew up with hearing about that era.
When I was 12-13 my friends and I used to dress up in fatigues and run around the woods playing "army" with BBguns (one pump rules, no headshots).
I was a history major in college, spent time traveling around Europe seeing sites of major and minor battles as well as museums, concentration camps, clearly I was and still am interested in the real history and the games are an interesting, if unrealistic, extension of that.

That said I know that creepiness you feel.
I've not been a big fan of the games that focus on post-WWII like "Battlefield: Vietnam". Not sure why, because all war is outrageous, but that was one step over the line for me.
COD4 didn't bother me at all, but America's Army does...maybe because it's overtly propagandist and my tax dollars are paying for it?
I guess I'm just weird. What else is new?

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Re: COD5 w@W

Postby MadMind » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:19 pm

The Medal Of Honor series paved the way for all of today's WWII FPS's.

I just downloaded the official trailer for COD: W@W the other night.
Wow! This one looks especially brutal. Torching people, beating people on the ground with your fist, and even stabbing people in the back!

I can understand the uneasiness some gamers feel playing out simulated versions of actual events. I wouldn't play a WWII FPS with my grandfather around who was in WWII and whose friend got blown up by a grenade, especially with just how realistic today's WWII FPS's can be. It'd probably send some vets right into flashbacks.

But in the end it's much better that we are playing game's based on war rather than participating in them.

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