MAGNUS MILLS: I bow down to a true master

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MAGNUS MILLS: I bow down to a true master

Postby blunt » Sat Oct 18, 2008 1:21 pm

by Magnus Mills

If you haven't read any of this guy's books, you have missed out on magick.
He tells deceptively simple dystopic paranoid fables of the working man.
It's difficult for me to explain how great these books are. They seduce the reader on an almost almost imperceptible safari from simplicity to bizarre complications.

I highly, highly, recommend this, or any of his others:
(Mind-twisting shenanigans among a few fence builders),
THE SCHEME FOR FULL EMPLOYMENT (Men drive to and from strategically placed warehouses in Univans-identical and very serviceable vehicles---transporting replacement parts for....Univans.)
and THREE TO SEE THE KING (a guy lives in the middle of nowhere in a tin house, with the only neighbors miles away, also in tin houses. Soon he finds himself dealing with these strange neighbors who start planning to live closer together.)

He is delicious!
His writing is so deceptively simple and everyone is so polite and mundane you are easily swept along until suddenly you notice a strange foreboding that something's not quite right. Something bizarre and horrible is just about to happen and the most ordinary events evoke dread and paranoia.



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Postby wallrock » Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:28 pm

I picked up The Scheme for next to nothing at one of the B chains a year or so ago when looking for a gift and it was easily the most-read book I purchased last year. I plowed through it quickly on the initial read and have been revisiting it ever since. Mills' style has this easy-going simplicity that has a way of almost lulling you into the plot, like a great storyteller. You're absolutely right about the dread of ordinary events. I'm definitely going to the put the other two on my short-list.

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