Your last five restaurants

Where are you eating and what do you think? What's opening, closing, succeeding, failing?
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Postby Cheezy » Thu Jun 01, 2006 9:38 am

1. Potbelly's (the new one in W. Towne) Tuna melt sandwich. I really think they should have built a front wall because the food court is too noisy. I'm a slower eater, so the toasted bread got too hard for me to chew.

2. Curry in the Box- Fitchburg- I forgot what kind of soup/dish I ordered, but it was a nice new experience of spices. It came with some kind of cracker/tortilla thing we weren't sure what to do with, so I dipped it in this sauce so put out the flames in my mouth. I enjoyed it except half of it was onions. I think I'm just used to very American food.

3. Famous Dave's- I don't think I'll ever get tired of their ribs and drunken apples.

4. Benvenutos- The food was pretty good, but since this is in Fitchburg, there was a smoking section. We asked for non-smoking and even though we were right next to a very tall wall, the smoke still made me gag. I could only eat 1/4 of my food before I had to leave. Service was excellent nonetheless.

5. Cold Stone- I'm not sure if this classifies as a 'restaurant' but if it doesn't, it should!

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Postby cattyr » Wed Jun 28, 2006 11:03 am

Revival time.

1. P.F. Chang's

Finally made it on the company's dime. I say bah! to the naysayers, it was really quite good and not expensive, especially if you stick to sharing appetizers, which are HUGE. Three of us shared the chicken lettuce wraps, coconut curry vegetables and Peking (pork) dumplings. The sauce they mix tableside is to die for, by me. The tofu in the curried vegies was super - crispy on the outside and really melty in the middle. We ordered the dumplings pan-fried rather than steamed, which made a nice crispy side. They were good, but I would probably order a different filling next time. The chicken in the lettuce wrap was the best-tasting thing of anything we ordered. Another of our party had lo mein which looked really good. Service excellent.

2. Paizano's (Norcross, GA)

I really had to bring this thing back to life in order to tell of our appetizer at this charming little restaurant with actual Italian staff. Home-made potato chips topped with melted gorganzola, served with a creamy horseradish dip. Tell Marigold to get on this one. Shared entrees here as well - lobster ravioli with a piccata sauce for one and wild mushroom ravioli with a creamy vodka-tomato sauce for the other. You could pick any combination of ravioli and sauce, love that concept.

3. Mariott Courtyard breakfast buffet (Norcross, GA)

I just wanted to say I am now wild about grits. For true.

4. Room service, Crowne Plaza (Macon, GA)

Never thought of doing this before, wouldn't always work. But.

Perusing the menu they had a lot of really yummy-sounding vegetables paired with their (incredibly overpriced, even for a hotel) entrees. I called and asked for a combination of them. My bill was like $5.28.

5. Sid's Sandwich Shop (Macon, GA.)

Can you say pimento cheese sandwich? And, Best Tea in Town? Naturellement I am sophisticated-world-traveler :shock: enough to know that you have to ask for unsweetened down there, but it really was good. I didn't really have a pimento cheese sandwich - I had pastrami (! in Macon?) and swiss on an onion roll. "Single" as opposed to "Double" = $2.69.

Macon has incredible architecture. Who knew?

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Postby Henry Vilas » Thu Jun 29, 2006 8:46 am

1. The snack shop in De Vinci Airport, Rome. Had a picciuto with lettuce on a hard roll, with a Wuhrer beer.

2. The Victorrio Hotel near Pompei. Another picciuto sandwich, this time with cheese. A Peroni to drink, followed by a San Miguel.

3. The Classico in Santorini. The Classico crepe. Mythos Beer.

4. The Pelican in Mykonos. Grilled brie with fruit. Another Mythos.

5. A cafe near the Palace of the Grand Masters in the medieval walled city of Rhodes. A feta plate and with a Mythos again.

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Postby universitylad » Sun Feb 04, 2007 10:10 am

1. Porta Alba
2. Cafe Continental
3. Lombarindos
4. The new Indian Place on West Wash
5. Himal Chuli

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Postby peripat » Sun Feb 04, 2007 3:59 pm

Bab"s Cajun - Mufaletta was really just a ham sandwich with pickle relish (but a lot of ham) Bread pudding was tasty

Tex Tubbs - Ok taco-like the sauces

Cosi - really liked the salad with curried chicken

Red Robin - Don't like anything about it-I'd rather go to Ponderosa

Fifth would have been some Italian place in Chicago, but already forgot the name-good pasta

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Postby Rosemary » Mon Feb 05, 2007 5:19 pm

Sunday: Fitchburg Dane for the game. Had the battered & fried cod. Eh, okay. My eyes were bigger than my stomach.

Friday (Feb 2): Picasso's. Co-workers and I had take-out. Took it easy on the mouth and appetite with the wild mushroom strudel (on a bed of spinach, no less). Really tasty -- it hit the spot.

Thursday (Feb 1): Cocoliquot with a friend for restaurant week. Had the whitefish & lentils, while she had the hangar steak frites. I'd had some dental work the day before and so needed to stick with something softer, but I vastly preferred her entree to mine. Onion soup was good, but a little too rich; the duet of tarts was also tasty and nicely balanced in terms of textures and flavors. (A little more lemon would've been nice.) Can't wait to go back for the steak at the cuisine bar, with chocolates after.

Saturday (1.27): Was in Chicago visiting pals for a big food & beer weekend. Had several small plates (and my first oysters on the half-shell, and the best margarita ever) at Frontera Grill, then moved on to Avec for more. Started with olives and crusty bread, then split a small plate of "marinated hangar steak with celery salsa verde, radishes, wax and green beans" (from their website). Then we split two large plates: "housemade buckwheat pappardelle with confit of rabbit, roasted apples, fresh herbs and parmesan" and "wood oven-roasted and chili-marinated pork shoulder with red lima beans, rutabaga and swiss chard". The descriptions don't do any of it justice. Everything was ravishing, incredible, and honest. If you're in town, go.

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Postby Ducatista » Mon Feb 05, 2007 6:12 pm

Spent Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning in Milwaukee, so:

1. Sil's Mini Donuts
2. Metro Cafe at the Hotel Metro
3. Saketumi

And before that:

4. Tex Tubb's
5. Tornado

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Postby gemini child » Mon Feb 05, 2007 8:02 pm

1. R.P. Adlers
2. Laredos
3. Biaggi's
4. Famous Daves
5. Granite City

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Postby PaleoLiberal » Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:21 pm

SW Chang Jiang, the one on PD and Muir Field Rd. takeout during the super bowl. I like it, and I get along well with the owner. He said business was slow that day. The Glass Nickel next door had a constant stream of delivery. I guess it's un-American not to eat pizza during the Super Bowl. Food for the family for the next few days. I'll be back. That is one of the three Asian places I go to enough that the know me and my wife. The others are Saigon Noodles and Nams Noodles.

Biagis (sp??) around the Madison/Middleton border. Very nice, esp. compared to the Olive Garden, see below. Service was only mediocre, though. I've been there before, and I'll go there again.

Casbah, near the square. Ever have one of those days when nothing went right? I went with my wife and a friend. There are times when a restaurant screws things up a bit. My order was fine, except they didn't have the desert I wanted. Things didn't go as well for my wife or my friend. However, they made things right for us. They didn't charge us for my wife's entree, which was far too salty for her to eat, and they gave us all free deserts because they messed up on my friend's order. Things don't always go well, but I truly appreciate a place that makes things right. I will be back.

Olive Garden I hadn't been there for ages, and now I know why. Not bad, but not good either. I'm sure I'll return one of these years.

Fresco I hate this place. Please shoot me if I ever even think about going back there again. One of those days when things didn't go right, and they clearly didn't care. My wife has been bugging me to go there for a very long time. So, on our anniversary, we went there. I wanted the best table, so I made reservations a week ahead of time. I specifically asked for the table with the best view, since the year before we went to Le Etoile, and we had a wonderful view of the Capitol in the snow, along with some great food. So, they try to seat us at a table with a lousy view. My wife refuses to sit there, and points to the empty table with the best view. They say we cannot sit at that table, because someone came in this morning and specifically requested that table. (Emphasis the b*tch who was seating us, not mine). Gee, all I did was make reservations a week ahead of time, and ask for the best table. I guess this morning trumps last week. So, we waited until they prepared a more acceptable table. I ordered a mediocre overpriced salad, and my wife ordered an inedible overpriced apetizer. My beef was very good, but my wife was feeling ill, and couldn't eat her duck. I had her duck for lunch the next day, and it was pretty good. All in all, the worst waste of money of any restaurant I've been to for a very long time.

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Postby madtown wino » Sun Feb 11, 2007 3:53 pm

1. Himal Chuli- Dahl and samoas (sp?) were delicious. I really wish they would take credit cards, b/c I would come here more often.

2. Takara West- Spicy Spider Maki and Edaname lunch. I also had their Shrimp Tempura. Food took a while, but was worth every bite.

3. Marigold- Didn't like the salmon/dill omelette, but the potatoes were wonderful.

4. Tutto Pasta- Was not my choice, I was meeting friends. Everytime I come here, I am dissapointed, and the service has never been good. Sat at the bar for almost 20 minutes before we were even approached. Bartender was flirting with some patrons at the other end and just ignored us. I had a good Chianti, but the bruschetta was soggy and bland.

5. Uno- pepperoni deep dish take out. Always yummy.

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Postby mildsauce04 » Mon Apr 16, 2007 12:23 pm

If we're talking about Madison (& surrounding area) restaurants:

Red Robin - A1 Peppercorn burger and fries (got a free coupon for my bday)

Qdoba - Chicken burrito (also free)

Buffalo Wild Wings - gotta love 89 cent chicken tenders on Thursdays

Old Fashioned - had the brat plate, i'll definitely be back there

Glass Nickel - sausage and green olive pizza and fried mac and cheese. almost died after eating it, but i don't see how people knock that place.

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Postby thebookpolice » Mon Apr 16, 2007 1:26 pm

Market Street Diner - Pulled BBQ pork with extra pickles, slice of brownie pie, soda

Takumi - Spicy yellowtail roll, shrimp and avocado roll (takeout)

Pelayo's - Asada burrito with fried potato tacos, a carnitas taco, glass of horchata

Gotham Bagels - "G" sandwich on garlic, coffee (takeout)

Red Robin (Appleton) - Carnitas "burger," soda

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Postby granolagirl » Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:07 pm

Jo's Tazzina

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Postby Ms. Housewife » Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:41 pm

Lombardino's: always delicious, our neighborhood haunt

Sushi Muramoto: love the spicy shrimp roll. I eat here as often as I can...

Blue Marlin: the oysters have been amazing

The stable at Quivey's Grove: the food was so-so, but the interior is beautiful

Fleming's: which I heard was closing. Has anyone else heard this? Just a rumor, maybe?

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Postby beenie » Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:57 pm

Olive Garden (allowing for individual tastes and budgets, it was the only thing we could all agree on last time I got together with my girlfriends). I had the sausage rollatini special that was so heavily advertised. It was palatable, but would have benefited from about twice the sauce. Of course, the abundance of wine and the fact that I got to spend my evening with my best girlfriends made up for it (it's a rare treat for us all to be available on the same night).

Takara - this was a lunch - I ordered the beef negimaki bento box, which they were out of, but neglected to tell me until 5 minutes before everyone else's food came out. I didn't want my friends' food to be cold by the time mine came out, so I told them to go ahead and eat. I ate my white rice while they ate their entrees, then had to scarf my meal once I got it so I didn't feel like I was holding anyone up. I can understand them being out of what I ordered, but I wish they'd told me sooner.

Ginza - thought I was meeting a friend for drinks and sushi, but it turned out she wanted hibachi. It was around 9, and we had a hibachi table to ourselves. The meal was as good as it always is (I love Ginza, especially the kogane shrimp), and I brought the sushi home for my husband. The cocktails were nice and strong, too (my friend had vodka & cranberry, and she would have sworn that her second was just straight vodka with some red food coloring).

Gino's - my first Gino's experience. I grew up in NY, and I was transported back by the aroma the second I walked in. If you like marinated vegetables (which I do), the house dressing is not to be missed. I had the tortellini bolognese, which was quite good. Between the salad and the wonderful garlic bread, I wound up bringing home enough tortellini for two more meals.

Arbat - the folks who own Arbat are so nice, and the golubtsi is heavenly comfort food. I absolutely love the warm rolls they serve, and the cherry dumplings are so good with sour cream. I worry about Arbat, since we seem to be the only people there whenever we go - I wish more people would discover this slice of heaven so they stay in business. Man, I'm fat and all, but I can't singlehandedly keep a restaurant afloat. :lol:
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