Down in front, my ass

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Who should have to move?

Short runty fucks who can't see?
Beatufiul people who are 6' or taller
Total votes: 16

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Re: Down in front, my ass

Postby costuminatrix » Sun May 09, 2004 8:14 pm

charliedon'tsurf wrote:I go to talk to someone real quick and when I get back to my old spot in fornt of the stage some assclown informs me that I need to move because his wife who is 5' can't see over my body.

I don't see why the husband felt he had to play the "heavy" and ask you to move for his wife. Couldn't she have asked you herself? A little friendly feminine persuasion goes a long way, hehehe......

Okay, just kidding. Back on topic.

I'm 5'5" so not particularly tall or short. I don't have a problem with taller people in front of me, provided said tall person didn't shove their way through the crowd, look down at me, and then choose to stand directly in front of me, who is in the middle of the crowd, not the front row. My thinking is, hey, I moved aside for you because I assumed you needed to get back to the front, why are you suddenly stopping here? It's not an earthshattering downer or anything, though, just a little mildly annoying.

This is why I hated going to the Metro in Chicago so much -- it's the chosen modus operandi there: don't even try to get to the front, just plant yourself in front of someone shorter in the middle of the crowd. Now, that was Chicago, where asking someone to "please move on" was likely to get your ass kicked. Here in Madison I find that most people will move over if you smile nicely and ask, "Hey, okay if I stand next to you instead of behind?" Flies with honey, not vinegar, and all that cliche stuff.

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Postby Mikey K » Mon May 10, 2004 9:36 am

To the Short Little Fuckers: You're short. You were born that way. Get fucking used to it. The world does not owe you a favor. You have to be resourceful to get over and around your affliction. Quit your fucking whining and enjoy the show.

To the Tall Freakish Monsters: You're tall. You were born that way. Get fucking used to it. The world can't see over your freakish big head. You have to be resourceful to get over and around your affliction. Quit your fucking whining and enjoy the show.

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Postby supaunknown » Mon May 10, 2004 10:25 am

charliedon'tsurf wrote:
bobbyray wrote:I would also add that at 6' even, you aren't causing too many people a big problem. The answer might be very different with regard to the freakishly tall, say 6'5" and over.

I agree with you on this the super tall mutants over say 6' 4" need to be concious of this.

Agreed. As one of those mutants (read: well hung) I've had it pretty easy at concerts my whole life. I can see over peoples' heads at most shows so I don't mind going to the back of the bus and letting height-challenged patrons get a better view. I'm usually pretty conscious of my gargantuousness at shows and try to make an efforts to help people out - especially the ladies. 8)

That said, the sightlines at the High Noon are incredible. That Shotdown show was my first venture there and it was sweet. The High Noon is a bona fide rock & roll club!

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Postby Galoot » Mon May 10, 2004 10:40 am

OK, at 6'1", I know that I block the view of a lot of people, so I won't go up front at the Harmony and stand right in front of the band. I wish others wouldn't do that either. If someone is standing behind me and obviously can't see, and if there's a bit of room in front of me, I'll invite them to move up to where they can see better.

But what really REALLY pisses me off, is you inconsiderate bastards who take advantage of polite people, JUST TO MOVE UP FRONT!! This happened at the Barrymore, where I took the Little Brother to see Natty Nation a few weeks ago. Several times, I had people come up behind me, pull the "excuse me!" bit and attempt to push their way up to the front, where their friends were hanging out. Know what? No fucking way!

I made the effort to get a good spot after the break, and the kid and I were a few rows in back of the front. The kid is quite short, so I wasn't about to let people push us further back. So no, I'm not going to move back just so you can push your way up in front of us.

Same with trying to dance right on top of where I'm standing. Some idiot girl pretending to be a 21st century flower child tried dancing me out of my spot. She pushed her way in front of me, then tried dancing wildly to get me to give her room. Again, no fucking way.

Sure, I'll be polite to those who are also polite. But the "excuse me!" bit? Forget it.

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Postby jjoyce » Mon May 10, 2004 11:04 am

I'm tall, and also geeky looking, so people tend to try to shove me out of my spot at shows. They just try to fall or dance into me until I move, but I stopped being played like that years ago. What I generally do is try to pour my beer into a go cup at the bar if they offer such a thing (most do, they'd rather have plastic cups than glass bottles on the floor), and then use it as kind of a jackass repellent. Wanna dance like you're at a Dead show right next to me? Better wear your slicker, because you're going to get a little High Life on your neck when you make contact.

I also like to just turn my back to the person who's offending and lean. Hard. Generally, I like to be right in the middle of the floor for a band I absolutely love, but around the perimeter for others. Still, if someone's polite about being shrimpy, I'll usually let them get in front of me. But if you're going to be rude about it, you'll get what you give.

In general, it's unfair to expect personal space and a jackass-free environment at a $5 show. I'm much more likely to get pissed at a $15 Luther's show when the guy behind me wants to translate the show to his girlfriend as it's going on. "Awwww... this is such a great song! They played this last summer in Chicago and blew me away. There's a guitar part that goes bwew-wew-wew-wewwwww. It kicks so much ass. I wish Kent was here right now. I should call him. I'm totally going to call him and hold up the phone. Hold my beer for a sec...." The temptation is to turn around and give him a "shut up!" in the face, but you'd be surprised how well an "Excuse me, but could you keep it down? I'm trying to enjoy the show." works.

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Postby superman » Mon May 10, 2004 11:41 am

For me, it depends upon the show. If it's a show where there's plenty of room to move, I'll gladly move so someone else can see. If it's a rock show where everyone is jockeying for position, I'm not moving for anyone.....and go ahead and try to move me.

As far as having some flagarant dancer that has no respect to the people around them; I'll probably start with a nasty look, then I'll tell them to knock it off, and finally I'll probably get in on the action and pretend it's a mosh pit at Slayer show. I'll have to try the beer trick.

The last show that really bothered me was Soulive at Luther's Blues. For some reason Soulive has quite a large hippy following and there were dancers whipping their dreads around on the dance floor with cigarettes in hand. Every few minutes you could see someone bump into someone else with their cigarette. Luckily, it didn't happen to me. The absolute stinkiest show I've ever been too, and I'm not talking about the smoke.

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Postby Wino » Mon May 10, 2004 2:45 pm

jjoyce said:
In general, it's unfair to expect personal space and a jackass-free environment at a $5 show. I'm much more likely to get pissed at a $15 Luther's show when the guy behind me wants to translate the show to his girlfriend as it's going on

I couldn't agree more. My spouse and I tried to enjoy the Catie Curtis show Friday night to no avail. I hereby extend a middle finger to the 100 or so people who loudly ran their yap-holes throughout the entire show, and also to those who would stand right in front of us- not to see the performance, but to socialize. When corrected, these yahoos would get a Dubya-like look on their face: what? move? huh? shut up? You jerks owe me 30 bucks!

We need an ordinance banning inconsiderate behavior at shows!

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Postby bobbyray » Mon May 10, 2004 3:26 pm

Wino wrote:
We need an ordinance banning inconsiderate behavior at shows!

But instead, you get an ordinance eliminating the one proven strategy for getting the rude behemoth in front of you to move: the incidental cigarette burn to the butt cheek.

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