Mediterranean Cafe

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Mediterranean Cafe

Postby Wet_Pavement » Mon Oct 08, 2007 7:59 am

This entry is about the Mediterranean Cafe in the 600 block of State Street.

Anyone have any news on the new hours of the Mediterranean Cafe? They used to be open until 9 PM. Then they would adjust for summer with fewer hours when the students are gone by closing early.

Now they close early all the time. I loved eating there but I'm a night person so I don't eat there any more.

Anyone know what's with the new hours?

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Postby bassbari » Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:34 pm

Faczel (sp) the owner, told me the other day that in order to keep the low prices and good quality and avoid those long hours, he will keep the shorter hours. I am bummed too, but who can blame one. He hires a staff of 10 and the lines are still out the door and is turing a small profit. He is a wonderful and giving man. Don't let the lines scare you. They move them through pretty fast. Missing your shwarma? Try going on Saturday.

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Re: Mediterranean Cafe

Postby john_titor » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:10 pm

Finally made it here for lunch today.

I was a bit off-put by the Yelp reviews stating tables were hard to come by. I also wasn't looking forward to the forever drive up Park St. and parking.

I went to my go-to ramp on Lake St. and my go-to parking spot in it. Both met expectations. Passed a fella panhandling to his chest and eating what seemed to be from a bag of beef jerky.

Walking up State St. for the first time in a while, I noticed new stores and the new State St Brats sign. Well done. I would be interested in hearing if numbers increased after the sign went up. (I think it says something like Authentic Wisconsin Bar or something)

I opened the door to the cafe and was met by a wedding reception greeting line's worth of people behind a long counter. Nice enough I asked for the the lamb schwarma platter and an ice water. I think it was around $8+. They told me to take a seat and they would bring it out. There were plenty of open seats around Noon. Maybe this was due to school being out or getting there before Noon. I don't know. I was planning on getting it to go but was glad to not to have to. As I had a long trip in and lots of caffeine prior, I needed to take a whiz. On my return, a plate of food was at my table.(Nice!) Decent lamb. Spices nothing remarkable, but not weak or offensive either. Meat not dry. A side of rice, hummus, and salad with tomato, cuke, and maybe something else. It could have used a bit more meat, but I was satisfied. The hummus is as good as reported and the platter comes with a side of warm pita wedges.

The decor felt warm and they seemed to have a fair amount of veggie options. I liked it and would go back when I get that crave.

The End.

p.s. Oh yeah, food came out fast, I ate fast = parking was free - w00t!

p.p.s I washed my hands.

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Re: Mediterranean Cafe

Postby Stebben84 » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:09 am

john_titor wrote: There were plenty of open seats around Noon. Maybe this was due to school being out or getting there before Noon.

During the school year it's much busier from about 11:30 till 1:30 or so. I also choose not to eat inside their because I walk out smelling like that place for the rest of the day.

john_titor wrote:A side of rice

They make some of my favorite rice.

john_titor wrote:The decor felt warm and they seemed to have a fair amount of veggie options.

I would suggest trying the couscous. It's a huuuuge portion. I think I got 3 maybe 4 meals out of it and it's quite delicious with a ton of vegetables.

Over the course of my years in Madison, I've probably eaten at Med Cafe more than any other restaurant. Granted that was while I was a student, and I work downtown.

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