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Postby erg57 » Sat Aug 18, 2007 10:34 pm

The greed on both sides is palpable. The argument about not wanting to charge subscribers who don't want the channel has never stopped Charter from layering more crap on their expanded basic format and taking some channels away to their premium service. If its 2007 and I have to listen to Michigan or Badgers on the radio then this is not progress. My grandfather used to do this. It's greed and it's more bad business perception for Charter and now, the Big Ten. I'm used to turning a blind eye to most greed in our culture. We're all selfish pricks, but when these enterprises don't have the brains to bullshit us better than they are, then WE have to speak up. This should have been settled when there was snow on the ground. Jim Delaney is a turd if he does not make this happen before Sept 1. And Charter....sorry, why should this snafu that you're involved in surprise anyone...your ass always gets kissed because you are the only non-dish service in this monopolized town. Get to work, bastards.

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