Fight Global Warming; Learn to Sail Big Boats Affordably!

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Fight Global Warming; Learn to Sail Big Boats Affordably!

Postby Henry Hoofer » Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:54 pm

$3.00 gasoline and diesel got you down? Wanna make some new friends? Why not prepare yourself for the inevitable worldwide oil crunch by learning to sail this summer? Learn to sail with the Hoofer Keelboat Fleet. Ride the Wind! ;)

All ages and backgrounds welcome, 18-80 years old (we ain't kidding). Total cost is about $230 per year, unlimited lessons, unlimited outings with friends on Lake Mendota. You need not be a current or former UW student; we are totally open to the public; all you need is the desire to learn. No sailing or swimming experience required. No prerequisites. Volunteers teach you aboard large, stable, state-owned sailboats gifted to the UW-Madison for the express purpose of enabling you to learn to sail affordably. Getting wet is optional.

Don't forget to come to one of our Open Houses/Free Sail Days to check us out. The next one is Saturday, June 9, 2007.

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