So who's gonna be the Packer coach next year??

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So who's gonna be the coach next year??

Brad Childress
Mike Holmgren
Mike Sherman
Bob Bates
Monte Kiffin
No votes
Kirk Ferentz
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Postby buckyor » Mon Sep 26, 2005 5:26 pm

If Sherman doesn't right the ship before the bye (I think it's in three weeks), he'll be gone. Doesn't matter that he got an extension; Thompson isn't going to watch this team sink like a rock and do nothing. While I was hoping that Holmgren would be similarly liberated from his contract with the Seagulls, he's doing better than I thought he would (guess he doesn't miss Koren Robinson) and he probably won't be available.

I don't think Sherm is that bad a head coach; one thing I do like about him is his ability to maintain a steady focus through the tough times. Last year the team could have folded after a 1-4 start, but he managed to right the ship somehow and win the division. I also think he has a good offensive mind, much better than the offensive coordinator he's stuck with despite marginal results. I'd like to see him stay as OC, if that's possible.

However, I think he's lost this team. I read somewhere (might have been the Milwaukee Journal) about players complaining about the lack of accountability under Sherman; I think that touches on the right point, buit doesn't quite get there. I think the real problem with Sherman is that he's been very inconsistent in requiring accountability. Ed Donatell had a decent defense with talent that is no better than what they have now, but he got shitcanned based on one blown play. Tom Rossley's offense has consistently underperformed (don't bother trying to defend him based on last year; the offense was awful until he went into the cardiac ward and Sherman took over the OC responsibilities), yet Sherman has stuck with Rossley through it all. Ahmad Carroll committed killer penalties every week, but never faced the consequence of benching for ignoring the coaching staff's directions; Mike McKenzie grumbled about his contract, and he was shipped out to New Orleans. Mike Flanigan is clearly hurt and can't do the things necessary to play his position (notice how the Packers no longer run the stretch play, in which the center has to pull and get outside to block a linebacker?), but Grey Ruegamer can't even get a snap, despite the fact that he was the center most of last year (particularly during the period when the offense really started clicking). Finally, yesterday everyone (including Aaron Kampman) was scratching their heads because of his decision to just take a knee at the end of the first half. I think this inconsistency and poor decision making is really causing problems for Sherman in the locker room.

I really like what Jim (not Bob) Bates has done with the defense this year, but most of the talented guys are really young and really green, and even the vets are having trouble adjusting to the new scheme. Still, they've performed to about the level of their talent. I wouldn't mind seeing Bates take over as head coach; he did that last year at Miami, and went 3-4 (including a win over the Pats) with a roster that makes the Packers look like the '79 Steelers. He's not a glamorous pick for head coach, but neither was that guy in New England.

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Postby tibor » Tue Sep 27, 2005 8:32 am

Paco wrote:But they showed one replay and both announcers said it was the wrong call, anyone could see that. He didn't review it content to kick one from 42 instead of taking a small chance and being rewarded with a shorter kick.

Did you watch the replay? I did. Did you see absolute, positive proof they blew the call? I didn't. I saw something that looked very much like they made the wrong call, but it wasn't 100%, not by a long shot.

Let me ask you this. If Longwell would have stuck the 42 yarder, would you be here on the forums complaining about the awful, awful risk that Sherman took in not challenging the play, even though Longwell made the kick? This ain't high school sports. An NFL kicker is expected to make a 42-yard kick almost every single time. Especially one with Longwell's record. He didn't make it this time - that's on him, not on Sherman.

As much as I miss Jim and Max, I do enjoy listening to The Rock on the radio. Two weeks ago he made a really good point. He talked about the difference on any NFL team between the "difference makers" and the regular, try-hard guys. He admitted he was a "try-hard" guy. He said the job of most of the team is to not screw up, and let your playmakers, the difference makers, win the game by making plays.

Kickers are expected to make kicks. It's all they do. If we were talking about the difference between a 49-yard kick and a 39-yard kick, I would agree with you that a challenge probably should have been made. But a 42-yard kick for Longwell, in decent (not perfect) conditions, should be a gimmie. That's what you pay him for.

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Postby Paco » Tue Sep 27, 2005 8:49 am

Don't remember it 100%, but I do remember the announcers saying it could/should(?) have been reviewed, and remember me bitching at the screen to review it even before the kick was attempted--then again I bitch at the screen often. Remember it was wet, they just missed an extra point, and shakey Sandner is the holder.... It's just one play, I'm not trying to blow it out of proportion, but it seems it is so I'll let it drop ...

Who's The Rock?

Is Baggot a foron??? ... ntid=55573
If the Mike Sherman Era with the Packers is truly running on fumes, there are four replacement possibilities to consider.

The stop-gap one is Jim Bates, the defensive coordinator who many believe was brought to Green Bay with this exact scenario in mind. The outlandish one is Mike Holmgren, the former Packers coach whose future in Seattle could hinge on what's happening when the Seahawks close out the regular season at Lambeau Field Jan. 1.

The curious one is Brad Childress, the Philadelphia offensive coordinator and one-time University of Wisconsin assistant. The darkhorse one is Kirk Ferentz, the Iowa coach and former NFL assistant who has a huge fan in Packers general manager Ted Thompson. ...

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Postby minicat » Tue Sep 27, 2005 8:58 am

nevermore wrote:Next year? How about "Who will be coach in November?" If the Packers lose to the Panthers (which would mean the worst start since the Forrest Gregg years), I'd want to have Sherman fired before the Aints come to town.

This is all his fault - bigger failure than Bush

Packers fans are funny.

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Postby tibor » Tue Sep 27, 2005 9:59 am

Paco wrote:Who's The Rock?

Larry McCarren. Pro-Bowl OL from back in the day. It's weird to look at him now, because his body looks a little out of proportion, but he still looks fairly normal. Scary compared him to the guards of today, who are as big as tackles were 15 years ago.

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Postby funkwood » Tue Sep 27, 2005 1:55 pm

All I have to say right now is 0-3. You sound a little defensive, I mean who could blame you, McMahon has TWO super bowl rings to Bumpkin's 1.

Would that second SB ring be as a backup QB on the Packers in which he started a grand total of zero games? His only game action other than holding the clipboard would have been handing the ball off in blow out wins. Way to stick it to Packer fans on that one.

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