film fest experience

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film fest experience

Postby depinmad » Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:27 am

I spent most of the weekend obsessing over my Sunday afternoon party and screening of my movie, but I did manage to catch the following:

Topp Twins - "opening" night at the Orpheum, there was such a feel good vibe, and it was really cool to see so many people there for a movie that would probably play to single digits at a regular run at Sundance. I thought it was a very sweet and charming documentary.

Police, Adjective - I really like that little theater at MMOCA, it's got good sound and projection and the seats are not as painfully uncomfortable as the ones across the street at the Orpheum. The movie is slow moving to the point where you have to kind of get into a zen yoga state and slow down your heartbeat to keep from freaking out, but if you can do that it's really beautiful and fascinating and gives you an incredible sense of place and character. Ultimately I wished there had been more of a twist at the end, but that's just me wishing for a different kind of movie than what this wanted to be.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Note to self that I have given myself before but am determined to remember this time: do not see movies based on books I liked/loved. It just never works out for the best (Cronenberg's The Dead Zone is my exception to my rule). Another note to self, never see a movie over two hours long at the Orpheum. 45 minutes before the end of the movie, my right leg felt like it was about to fall off. I had to get up and walk around and then stand in the back of the theater for the last half hour of the flick. Bummer.

The Windmill Movie - Sunday morning at MMOCA again, this one killed me. Dick Rogers was a professor of mine at film school, and this movie, his autobiography that he worked on for 20 years and left unfinished, was really amazingly moving to me, but also to the friend I brought who knew nothing about Rogers coming in. I am so glad I got to see this film.

Then Sunday night, my movie at the Play Circle. That was so much fun. Meg introduced the movies, which was super cool, and presented us with a beautiful glass plaque. The sold out crowd seemed to really enjoy all the movies, and the Q&A was great.

Can't wait til next year...

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