10 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

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Re: 10 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Postby boston_jeff » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:03 pm

Totally disagree. Critics and writers are much more objective than laypeople or professionals IMO. It is their job to remain as objective as possible. And equating fans and the Baseball Writers of America or respected film critics is a terrible analogy. Writers and critics may have an axe to grind and they may be more opinionated, but I trust them in choosing the best ballplayer or actor more than I do Julia Roberts or Joe Morgan. Journalistic objectivity is by no means pure, but the Academy is a joke.

You don't often see that happening with the HoF in Baseball. Generally, the writers get it right. The fans? I agree the players and coaches are better at selecting ASG worthiness. But the media (read well respected and carefully selected writers or critics) are better suited for these duties. Which is why I prefer the Golden Globes voters who are the foreign press and often pick better films and performances vs. bloated celebrities and name directors who deserve their due (or don't). I enjoyed the Departed and I love Scorsese, but he did not deserve the BP Oscar (he should have hoisted it for Raging Bull and Goodfellas).

If you prefer the Academy, we'll have to agree to disagree.

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