The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Postby rrnate » Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:23 pm

Directed by David Fincher!
Starring Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett!
Based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald!

These things made this seem like it might be kind of cool...but then it turns out that the screenplay is by the guy who wrote the screenplay for "Forest Gump". Without giving anything away, let me say that this movie has it's moments but has too many similarities to "Forest Gump" to be all that great.

Also - Cate Blanchett is per usual, really good in this while Brad Pitt is very...uh...Gumpesque.

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Re: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Postby Marvell » Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:39 pm

rrnate wrote:Brad Pitt is very...uh...Gumpesque.

I believe the correct phrase is 'Gumptian.'

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