"Stuck" and "Madison"

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"Stuck" and "Madison"

Postby pulseCzar » Sun Apr 06, 2008 9:50 am

"Stuck" was pretty effective. I liked how the character Brandi's true self was slowly exposed over the course of the film. There were some fun turn-your-head moments. I especially got a kick out of the scene in which "Princess" crawled into the garage. Loved hearing the audience cheering. Great film for a late Saturday night at the Orpheum.

"Madison", on the other hand, was a mess, albeit with beautiful shots of wintery Madison and a nice soundtrack. Shots of Jim Devita staring take up around 70% of the film. The dialogue is contrived to list off anti-war talking points. The sad part was that, while I couldn't agree more with the anti-war sentiment, I didn't have any "hell yeah!!" moments that inspired that feeling in me. It was completely overshadowed by how much of an annoying, brooding, self-absorbed, asshole Devita's character was. Even the scenes with his cute daughter didn't help balance that feeling. This film might win an audience award since the house was jam packed with APT family and friends but it doesn't deserve it.

If you get a chance to see "Urban Explorers", it's definitely worth checking out (they're negotiating to be on Netflix). Havng done this on a smaller scale than the people in the film, I thought it did a great job of capturing the spirit that motivates people to do this type of exploring.

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