To The Limit - possible spoiler included

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To The Limit - possible spoiler included

Postby GenericUsername » Sat Apr 05, 2008 10:33 am

I have a new film fest worst movie and it's this one, barely beating out "My Big Fat Independent Movie" from 2006 and "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter" from '02. Yes, those were narratives and this was a documentary, but I have to see a documentary go below a 3 (out of five) for my rating.

Maybe I expected too much or maybe didn't read the summary correctly. I was looking for a deeper understanding of the brother's lives and why they (or rock climbers in general) do what they do but I ended up never caring about either; just waiting for the next piece of beautiful camera work. The documentary could have been fine with no dialogue as the cinematography told the story; that's all the movie had going for it. This movie had no 'metaphors' for life - as 'metaphors' seems to be all the rage for finding some meaning in films nowadays - and it didn't need to have any as it was told with such matter-of-factness that I was hoping to find a metaphor just to keep my interest. And yet, another semi-coherent rambling or staring off into wilderness moment stole the screen time.

At about the 45 minute mark there was a noticeable shifting in the seats by the audience because the story took a major detour due to an injury of one of the subjects. So, it seemed not only did the filmmakers not know what they should do at that point, but that confusion transferred to the viewers as well. Many "real-time" documentaries handle an unexpected event very well and use direction and editing to create a coherent story-line, but the editing-floor inserts in this one brought the film down in a major way.

I don't know, maybe the subjects were not that interesting? Just...highly disappointed.

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