Annie Hall

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Annie Hall

Postby HooferX » Tue Dec 25, 2007 9:37 pm

Alvy Singer: Here, you look like a very happy couple, um, are you?
Female street stranger: Yeah.
Alvy Singer: Yeah? So, so, how do you account for it?
Female street stranger: Uh, I'm very shallow and empty and I have no ideas and nothing interesting to say.
Male street stranger: And I'm exactly the same way.
Alvy Singer: I see. Wow. That's very interesting. So you've managed to work out something?

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Duane of Wisconsin

Postby HooferX » Tue Dec 25, 2007 9:44 pm

And of course, Sconnie Duane (played by Christopher Walken).

Duane: Can I confess something? I tell you this as an artist,I think you'll understand. Sometimes when I'm driving... on the road at night... I see two headlights coming toward me. Fast. I have this sudden impulse to turn the wheel quickly, head-on into the oncoming car. I can anticipate the explosion. The sound of shattering glass. The... flames rising out of the flowing gasoline.
Alvy Singer: Right. Well, I have to - I have to go now, Duane, because I, I'm due back on the planet Earth.

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Postby pjbogart » Tue Feb 12, 2008 2:33 pm

"Those who can't do, teach. And those who can't teach, teach gym."- Woody Allen

"Hey, don't knock masturbation! It's sex with someone I love."- Woody Allen

"Sex with you is a really Kafka-esque experience."- Shelly Duvall

"Oh, what I wouldn't give for a large sock filled with horse manure."- Woody Allen

"Slyvie Plath. Interesting poetess who's tragic suicide was misinterpreted as romantic by the college girl mentality"- Woody Allen

"Well, I just think she's neat."- Diane Keaton

I can think of loads more. "Crimes and Misdemeanors" is very quotable, as well. Um... and "Manhattan."

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