Comedy Open Mic Beginning Soon

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Comedy Open Mic Beginning Soon

Postby Flowers » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:34 pm

Starting July 2nd, at the Come Back Inn, Madison Comedian Chris Waelti will be hosting Madison's only comedy open mic.

Sign up will be at 9pm
Showtime is at 9:30pm

This will be the first open mic for all types of comedy in the city since the closure of the Klinic Bar. If you want to see some free comedy, if you're thinking about trying your own hand at making people laugh, you owe it to yourself and your ancestors' ghosts to come on down and survey the local comedy scene.

And remember! The first Wednesday of every month is Dated Reference Night! Whip out your crustiest topical humor and smear it on the crowd or just plug in out of place pop culture callbacks, we don't care, because we know that you're all spies! Girls and boys alike love a person that can capitalize on the fleeting fame of flim-flam glam-ham Jobriath.*

Here is a website that may as well have been scientifically calculated to make you feel bad for laughing at the expense of Jobriath.

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