Unknown Discounts

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Unknown Discounts

Postby Remember_Me » Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:21 pm

Well, unknown to me anyway! And I'm usually up on these kinds of things.

So we got new cell phones a few weeks ago with USC and, sort of as an afterthought, I was told by the USC rep that I can take 5% off my bill every month simply by being on auto-pay with paperless statements. We had already been paperless with them, and I remember trying a couple years ago to do auto-pay with them but they didn't have it available at the time.

You have to do it through your account online he said and it has to be drafted off your checking account, NOT a debit or credit card, to receive the full discount each month (it's only 3% if you use plastic). It sure would have been nice to know this before just recently! Although it could be new I suppose.

Also just recently, I learned you can knock off DirecTV's monthly $10 HD access fee as well for doing the same thing. Again, we were on paperless statements, but not auto-pay. We actually were on auto-pay a year or so ago with them but apparently the card they had on file expired and I just never updated it.

The only reason I learned of this discount is because I needed a new remote, called them, and while I had the DTV rep on the line I asked why I had to pay a $10 fee each month for HD when Dish customers didn't. She then told me the offer. I asked why they didn't send us an email or notify us of this discount and she replied that she's only supposed to offer it to people who complain about Dish's no HD charge! At least she was honest I suppose.

So yeah, with a few quick clicks of the mouse I was able to knock off over $200 a year between just these two bills. So if you're not taking advantage of these discounts, get on 'em!

Anyone else know of any little tips and tricks like these that these big companies don't seem too keen on sharing for whatever reason?

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Re: Unknown Discounts

Postby c02 » Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:26 pm

Makes one wonder just how much extra crap we are paying for in the first place. DTV is basically saying, "We'll screw them as long as we can but when the jig is up, make 'em feel important."

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