The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project

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The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project

Postby donges » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:54 am

Forget rail, forget hybrids. The urban vehicle of the future is on the way. Kinda like the original Segway was gonna replace urban transportation in 2001, eh?
What do you think?

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dave esmond
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Re: The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project

Postby dave esmond » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:40 am

I'd love to try that thing in a snow covered parking lot.


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Re: The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project

Postby ArturoBandini » Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:16 am

The urban vehicles of the future will be bicycles, and to a large degree, also the urban vehicles of the past - human feet.

What advantages does this gadget have over a bicycle? I don't understand the engineering fad that places two wheels in an inherently unstable configuration (side by side) and uses valuable energy to maintain stability. The bicycle does this for free, because it is an overall smarter design. It stays upright at very little energy cost.

Urban transport problems are not problems of vehicle engineering, they are problems of logistics and sprawl. I like trains, but they are mostly unnecessary for the majority of trips if people live in locations reasonably near the places they go frequently. Madison is a great example of this - I don't really see the need for intra-city commuter rail. Regional rail - great!

My rating for the P.U.M.A: F+, for its fundamental design flaws and the general misunderstanding of 'the big picture' by its designers.

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