Tammy's Townhall Meeting

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Tammy's Townhall Meeting

Postby chainsawcurtis » Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:08 am

Last night at about 7 I got an phone call and I always answer very quietly because if the robot on the other end doesn't hear you loudly some electronic switch doesn't flip and it won't go into it's spiel about whatever it's selling. Well, this time it was Tammy inviting me to a townhall teleconference "right now" but you're not home. Feel free to email me" tomorrow @ whatever or go to my website, blabbidy, blabbidy.

I had heard a story on NPR ATC Wednesday about these teleconferences and I'm wondering if anyone participated. Madison's in Tammy's district, yes?

In the NPR story one of the proponents was a school board that did one and it cost them $4000 - 7¢ a call to everyone in the district - as opposed to 42¢ apiece for a mailing that mostly gets thrown away. They got a pretty good response. Seems like a good use of funds. In Tammy's case who pays for it?

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