Stupid questions about Dish Network

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Re: Stupid questions about Dish Network

Postby boston_jeff » Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:26 am

Average Joe wrote:
boston_jeff wrote:Prediction:

In a few months this forum starts seeing posts about how much Dish network sucks and how their customer service/tech people are incompetent. Cable blows sometimes, but I have heard just as many complaints about dish service.

As a bonus, you will be giving your money to Rupert Murdoch (not surprising Fox is the HD channel advertised). I will stream TV over the internet before I install a dish from that megalomaniacal monopolist.

Rupert Murdoch does not own Dish Network. He used to own Direct TV.

He isn't making money from all the NFL and MLB packages that you can only get on Direct/Dish? Same difference.

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Re: Stupid questions about Dish Network

Postby TAsunder » Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:45 am

DirecTV and Dish Network are not owned by the same company. Rupert Murdoch has nothing to do with Dish Network as far as I know, except that Dish carries some Fox related stations and has a relatively hostile relationship with Fox.

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Re: Stupid questions about Dish Network

Postby Average Joe » Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:32 pm

boston_jeff wrote:
Same difference.

Only in your world, Jeff.

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Re: Stupid questions about Dish Network

Postby white_rabbit » Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:46 pm

boston_jeff wrote:
He isn't making money from all the NFL and MLB packages that you can only get on Direct/Dish? Same difference.

Actually, Fox Networks NFL broadcast deal only pertain to broadcast games on the network. The NFL & NFL Network retains rights to satellite and internet broadcasts. Not sure about the baseball deal, but I'm guessing it's similar to the NFL deal. Murdoch doesn't get a dime of NFL games on satellite TV unless it's on Fox Sports.

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Re: Stupid questions about Dish Network

Postby gozer » Sun Dec 07, 2008 9:49 am

i've heard some people say that satellite television can have problems when there is rain in the area.

the one case of this i observed was an instance where the rain was extremely heavy and sustained and before long thunderbolts had fried several computers in the house of the person i was visiting and struck and blew up a 150 year-old tree about 10 metres from the house; luckily the 10 or so raccoons and plethora of flying squirrels (glaucomys volans and a minor percentage of g. sabrinus) that had pads in the tree were crashing elsewhere in the neighbourhood that morning. of course, when the thunderstorm is coming and u have st elmo's fire on everything like yer house and fences and even yer pecker if u whipped it out, all sorts of problems with electrical equipment may be imminent so that may not count as the signal not getting through.

on the other hand i have never observed this with satellite radio, and both major satellite television providers i have seen broadcast uninterrupted during blizzards, other rapid snowfalls and falls of granular snow and ice pellets, and other rain storms of various types inlcuding the mesoscale convective complex that kick-started the second round of flooding earlier this year.

it seems obvious that the main things that would interfere would be a 1) a blizzard, hurricane, or derecho with 100+ mph/161+ km/h winds that would send the dish flying and/or generate hail big enough to punch a hole in it, and 2) a really bitchin geomagnetic storm; of course a tornado scoring a direct hit on ones house could interrupt television viewing as well.

what i have wondered for a long time is what a huge dust storm would do to satellite television reception, and for that matter, iran flying a nuke overhead about 200 km up and setting the motherfucker off...

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