Where is Dane101?

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Where is Dane101?

Postby Jesse Russell » Sun Sep 02, 2007 1:34 pm

We hope The Daily Page doesn't mind this post as I know we have some cross over traffic. If the admins feel the need to take it down we completely understand.

Dane101's spike in traffic over the past couple of months has been bittersweet. Obviously we love new readers and are very thankful for everyone coming by, but it also has highlighted some fault lines in our back end as said traffic is waring on our server and causing occasional "black outs." We have been hard at work during the month of August tweaking the system and think we finally have nipped most of the bugs in the butt. However, some of this nipping will require us taking the site down for various chunks of time. We try to do most of that in the early, early morning hours, but occasionally will need to during the day. Obviously being all volunteer we can't do all of this work in one swoop. We hope to have everything worked out by midweek. In the meantime, a big thank you to TDP for allowing us the opportunity to communicate while our site is down and a second big thank you to our readers for bringing on this frustrating, but for the very best of reasons, dilemma.

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