Charter...and cable in general...and DTV

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Charter...and cable in general...and DTV

Postby Justcub » Mon Aug 20, 2007 3:11 pm

So I admit I only have expanded basic from Charter, and why is this a few reasons

A)I watch too much TV, I admit, but with expanded basic I do not need to rent or buy any equipment other then what I already have (two DVrs and three VCRS.) So I basically have each week night of the networks covered. And can still record one show while I am watching something else entirely.

B)I dont see the need to pay for something extra I dont want or use, until tommorrow when Charter freaking takes away more channels (which BY THE WAY can be avoided) and moves them to digital.
So Im losing GSN (Without Prejudice and Grand Slam are two great shows). When couldnt they have just offered an ALA Carte/ON DEMAND feature to the folks who wanted to recieve the Badger Sports Channel?

So yeah I'm a tad bitter...
Im even more bitter at the fact in 2009 The Powers that Be have decided to make pretty much all my equipment obsolete. I dont know that Americans in general are really grasping the concept of what DTV conversion actually means for them.

As it stands right now, we are just being told it is being done and that you need a converter..ok but wheres the rest of the information?

Well these converters are not yet on the market for the public to buy. Do you need a converter for each TV or can you hook it up at the source and the do a co-ax split?
What about what this means for several health related and hospitiality and apt rental places...
I.E. Im saying that places that offer cable services currently, will have to now have these converters in place. Hospitials, Nursing Homes, Hotels. I mean have you stayed in the hospitial and you have cable service on your TV there, or visited your grandma and watched her stories with her?
Well not come 2009 unless these places have the converters.
Does your apartment currently offer a cable package as a part of your rent? Thats because you can just screw the coax into your TV or Whatever.. well not anymore you'll have to have a converter and whose gonna foot the bill for that?
Not as important in some hotels which offer a limited selection anyway, but in others that are extended stays or what not which offer the local cable...

And lastly, what about what this conversion does to your own personal freedom to watch TV wherever you want... think about this. Right now if I wanted I could take a portable TV to the beach, on a camping trip, or in the garage or the barn or just watch something in my car, I mean what if I were having to live in my car and I had a portable TV (okay I know its farfetched, but say I had a black and white SONY WATCHMAN) Well in more for me.

If anyone recalls the paranoia when the original War of The Worlds was broadcast, just imagine what's gonna happen when in 2009 someone without digital cable turns on thier TV and theres nothing, and they call Suzie down the road and Suzie has nothing...

Im not saying technology is a bad thing and shouldnt progress at all, Im saying I shouldnt be forced into something I dont want or need, because someone else said it should happen (smoking bans, prohibition, transfat, and yes even Pate...)
We are adults in a somewhat educated "free" society and yet no one seemingly cares that we are being told what we need to do instead of letting us make our own decisions.


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