New HOTMAIL interface, like it or not?

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New HOTMAIL Interface, like it?

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I use something else, I don't give a shit.
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New HOTMAIL interface, like it or not?

Postby Paco » Thu Dec 04, 2003 7:41 am

Hotmail unloaded a new interface in the last few days. Like it? Hate it? If oyu don't use it, what do you use and why? I wouldn't mind switching.

kinda nice it tells you on the first page who you get a message from, IF it's a contact.

Why don't they tell you on the first page how many messages you have? I have to click and go to another screen to see who and how many messages I got. Not a big deal if you use it at work(if you're allowed to, that is), but at home I have dial-up and you learn to minimize the number of clicks you do.

Seems like there's more and bigger advertising now. The window for messages is smaller than the space for messages.

If you want to go to junk area, or any folder for that matter, you have to click on MAIL, then get your list. Why not put the list on the first page?

When you read a message all the way to the bottom, it would be nice to have a DELETE button there, instead you have to scroll up to the top to delete it.

Didn't they have a test group for this?? SOmeone besides a MSFT employee?

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Also Un

Postby papalion » Thu Dec 04, 2003 10:05 am

It's different.
I'm sure there was a good reason to change. Sometimes 'change' takes some getting used to.
I agree if it would tell me if I have a new message on the 1st page, I would not have to make another click.
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Postby superman » Fri Dec 05, 2003 11:21 am

I used hotmail for years, and I finally just switched this past year. Hotmail is WAY out of control with spam. Hotmail was cool before Microsoft got their filthy hands on it.

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