Let me tell y'all how I feel about Wisconsin State Journal

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Let me tell y'all how I feel about Wisconsin State Journal

Postby manoletters » Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:43 pm

In my Gmail inbox yesterday, from Madison.com:

"In 2012, madison.com predicted the world would not end, President Obama would hold a beer summit, and that algae-fueled jetliners would rule the skies!
Two out of three is pretty good, isn't it? So stay ahead of the curve in 2013 with a madison.com digital subscription.
A subscription entitles you to unlimited access to madison.com on the web, mobile, and in iPhone or Android smartphone apps for just $4.95 a month or $49.95 a year."

Sorry, Madison.com, but No Way. If it were only the Capital Times's website, I might consider paying. The Capital Times is thoroughly decent and Progressive, for lack of a better term. And they print my letters with almost no editing whatsoever, and zero ideological censorship. But unfortunately, I'd NEVER pay Madison.com one thin dime. Madison.com is a webpage that primarily contains the Wisconsin State Journal's "news & opinion." I'm more inclined to pay five bucks a month in order that they NOT deliver the State Journal's rabidly Republican-leaning, Nuclear-power-loving, anti democratic, idiotic, reactionary, Romney-endorsing "content." And those hyper-censoring "editors" at the State Journal recently stopped printing my letters altogether. So I'm overjoyed the State Journal's newspaper box was removed from in front of our local coffee house the other day; it was removed by POPULAR DEMAND, no doubt!
http://host.madison.com/news/opinion/ed ... f887a.html

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