Glass Shape Matters

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Glass Shape Matters

Postby Roy » Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:39 pm

It does for a beer glass. Your bound to drink faster from a curvy glass.

There was no difference in the drinking time for soft drinks. People drinking from both straight and curved glasses finished after around seven minutes.

However, for the beer drinkers there was a large difference between the two groups. While it took around seven minutes for people drinking from a curved glass to polish off their half pint, it took 11 minutes for those drinking from a straight glass.

The report said: "Drinking time is slowed by almost 60% when an alcoholic beverage is presented in a straight glass compared with a curved glass."

The researchers thought that curvy glasses made it harder to pace drinking because judging how much was in the glass became more difficult owing to its curved shape.

They are saying that when conscious of the alcohol we pace ourselves whether we think about it or not. Not sure I agree with that, but then I have my 3 drink limit.

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