Madison Co-op Business Conference

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Madison Co-op Business Conference

Postby arizmendi » Sat May 12, 2012 7:07 am

On June 7th, the City of Madison and area cooperatives will be hosting a conference to discuss how cooperatives can help build a sustainable local economy. The three main areas will be:

•Business Succession Planning (owners of businesses may sell to their workers and avoid capital gains taxes)

•City Planning (how can cooperatives provide services or manage things like the Public Market and the reduce the need for tax dollars)

•The Role of Coops in our community with a focus on health care and food systems.

The key note speaker is Roy Messing from the Ohio Employee Ownership Center. Presentations will also be made about the efforts in Quebec and Richmond, CA.

See the City's Website for more information or go to theFacebook page:

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