Witness to Hit and Run-Midtown and Marty

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Witness to Hit and Run-Midtown and Marty

Postby Kathy1 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:30 pm

Southwest Madison

I am looking for a car which was involved in a hit and run accident with my car on 2/13/12 at around 7:15pm. I am looking for black SUV (possibly a Buick) or van, would have front end damage and possible passenger-side damage. Young hispanic couple (20's)who speak perfect English, possibly with a baby in the car. Couple does not "seem" like the type that would take off, ie, seemed to be a nice couple. So we are looking for people who appear decent, not low-lifes.

At first they stopped, but when I said we should pull over they took off. Unfortunately, none of the many cars in the vicinity stopped. I'm hoping someone got their license number.

The couple was traveling east on Midtown Rd at Marty Rd in SW Madison. At first they appeared to be turing right but changed their mind (?) last minute and went straight, careening into me. If you travel this way, please be on the lookout for them, esp. around 7pm-7:30pm
I am looking for the vehicle or anyone who might know this couple.
I think they might have been traveling to the area around Muirfield and Raymond, or one of the neigborhoods off of Raymond. Maybe live off of PD near Muirfield or near Nantucket apts, or Tucson Trails areas. Somewhere southwest. Please check your parking garage or the lots/streets in your area.

Please respond to this e-mail or to the police department with info. Non-emergency number is 255-2345. An automated operator will come on, wait for prompt for "occuring now".

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