She Chokes on More Than 4" and Doesn't Like It Wet

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Postby Maxine » Sat Dec 15, 2007 5:15 pm

Henry Vilas wrote:
zier0001 wrote:Your best bet is to call them and tell them that will not do business with them and report them to the city.

I agree, this is probably the best approach.

You can also mention to the manager that you're posting the information on a local message board that has a lot of traffic.

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Postby lonesomejohnny » Wed Dec 19, 2007 4:22 pm

It looks like the second snowblower there is just a slightly larger version of the first one. They use the same mechanism, and I'd bet that the larger one is only slightly more powerful. They both suck, most likely.

Gotta go with the big, all metal, stamped steel frame guys with a big Briggs & stratton or dual shaft tecumseh on it. At least 5 or 8 hp, and self driven, too. (If anyone has a dead snowblower of the above description, I'd take it off your hands!)

The plastic wrapped snowblowers they're making these days are no more powerful than my "Ol' Flappy" Toro S-200 that my family has kept alive for 3 generations. Cheap snowblowers earn more money than well built ones because as long as they look fancy people will pay about as much for them. Most people don't bother to fix the darn things when the plugs foul after a few years, so it's back to sears for another beater.

Here's some snowblower history!

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